Chapter 4-By Wisdom of Gods

(Since Silver Henger stopped his DarkSteel fanfic a long time ago, I thought it wouldn’t be wise not to use the two monsters he had created in my fanfic. If Silver Henger is reading this, I apologize for using two monsters you had created yourself and posted on your site as Fanart.)

"…Wait!" Everyone turned to look at Keith, who immediately blushed. "We forgot, if the story about Genki is true, then shouldn’t we take the CD’s out of our Playstations, and unlock them?"

Karra stared penetratingly at Keith who, much to her satisfaction, squirmed under her gaze. "You’re smarter than you look, Kid."

Keith blanked out for a few seconds, then: "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey…" Karra chuckled, despite the boy’s returned unnerving glare.

Keith searched his backpack, and found his Playstation. Opening it, he found the Monster Rancher 200x CD still inside. Keith looked over at T’kleju, who nodded at him from beside the backsack and held up his own copy.

"Me first."

Keith carefully placed the CD over the hole in the center of the room. He flashed a thumbs-up to Faith, who was at the controls, then scampered off to the side. Faith closed her eyes, concentrating on the control panel.


Everyone whirled, finding themselves staring at the group of Devil-Forks that had been chasing Faith and Karra earlier.

"Nice trick, Girl, but you can’t shake our horns that easily!" The Captain of the Devil-Forks stepped forward, smirking, staring down Faith. Then the Captain frowned, noticing Keith and T’kleju. "Who are your friends?"

"Your enemies." T’kleju barely gave the Captain time to react as he leapt forward and kicked him in the jaws. Turning, T’kleju leapt and twisted, blocking or counter-attacking the Devil-Fork troops. In one moment, when T’kleju was at a standstill, he yelled "Get Faith to safety!" Karra hurried to comply, but Keith looked at the Cd, which was still hovering in the center of a shrine.

Keith shook his head, Orange bangs flying a little. "Get Faith to unlock the monster!" he shouted at Karra, "and ward off anyone who tries to stop her! I’m helping T’kleju." With that, Keith pushed a button on his ankle. Plastic plates slid over his shins, and in a whur of crazy transformation, the boy had roller blades on his feet.

Grinning, Keith bladed over to T’kleju, and leaped, shouting "Now this is what I’m talking about!" Spinning in mid-air, Keith landed on Captain Devil-Fork, and bounced off to kick another Devil-Fork in the stomach.

T’kleju swore in Kydran. "Kid, get back to defending Faith!"

Keith half-grinned and half-glared at T’kleju. "I’m no more kid than you are!" T’kleju was silent as he continued to tear through the Beaclon sub-breeds.

While the two boys were fighting off most of the enemy, Faith was trying her best to concentrate on the panel in front of her. As Karra watched, she noticed out of the corner of her eye a Devil-Fork who had managed to escape the fighting, and was heading towards Faith. She growled lightly, and glowed blue from learning a new attack.

Karra spun around, and pointed both palms at the Devil-Fork, and shouted, "Solar Storm!" Rapidly pumping her arms back and forth, blasts of pure white light shot out. After running out of energy, Karra realized that the Devil-Fork had been a Lost Disc some time ago.

Grinning, the monster returned to watching her trainer concentrate on the panel.

"Take that!" Keith kicked a misc. Devil-Fork with both blades, cracking the natural armor-like shell of Beaclons. Bouncing off, Keith punched one Beaclon, and headbutted a second. "Oww…" Keith rubbed his head, then backfisted another Devil-Fork.

T’kleju looked at the Devil-Fork he was concentrating on with disdain. "You really think you can handle me?" Surging forward, a blur of fur and cloth descended on the Beaclon. Pulling his fist back for a final blow, T’kleju hit a Devil-Fork in the face. Glancing back, the Kydran remembered there are other enemies. He gave the first Devil-Fork a last taste of his fist, then focused on fighting four other monsters at the same time.

Finally, the Captain, looking a good deal frightened and beat up, shouted "Retreat! Retreat!" All the remaining Devil-Forks took flight, and left the shrine.

"Yeah!" shouted Keith. "We did it!" The boy leaped into the air for joy, brushing the ceiling with his fingertips. T’kleju half-smiled, and crossed his arms over his black robe.

Faith turned to look at them. "Now if you’re done celebrating, how about letting me concentrate on this Disc?" But she smiled to soften her words, for she knew they were young.

Keith and T’kleju walked over to the panel, silent. Faith closed her eyes once more, and the Disc began to spin. Soon, there were lights all over the place, and the control panel was glowing once more. Finally, when the mystery disc was spinning fast enough, Faith pushed down on the panel, shouting "Unlock!"

The disc exploded in a fury of colors, and abruptly dissolved to bounce around the room a few times before stilling and staying in one place. The monster, still a ball of light, floated before the children, then finished transforming into its true nature.

Everyone blinked. Faith blinked again, and pulled out her Monster Handbook from her shoulder bag. Flipping a few pages, she found the entry she was looking for, and read aloud.

"Spirit Point. A Scarbee/Spiran/Zelgar, this is one of the strangest monster combinations ever seen on the world. Throughout most of its life, it is peaceful and knowledge seeking, although a bit of the Scarbee’s original blood-thirsty potential remains. A bit of caution before raising this monster: it can get a little rough during sparring matches."

Everyone looked up to stare at the monster again. They have every right to, because this was a strange one. If you take three silver spheres, make the sphere in the middle the biggest, then set them next to each other, you have the basic shape of a Scarbee. Now imagine that the middle sphere is a type of floating trashcan, the lid and can designed to look like the belly and mouth of a dragon, ridges, teeth, nose and all. Place two eyes below the mouth, scar the left eye, turn the other two spheres into floating hands with really sharp claws, then wrap the whole mess with a bluish-grey mist. Look at it; it’s what a Spirit Point looks like.

Everyone stared at the new monster. The monster stared back at them. This went on for some time.

Finally, Keith spoke up. "So, what should we name it?" Everyone went from staring at the new monster to staring at Keith. They did this because it was a good question. Everyone started to yell out names all at the same time.

"Metallo!" "Claws!" "Poysikel! (Little Danger)" "Metal Prince!" "Dratellicon!" "M’rekkinos! (Steel Fist)" "Trash Can! …Ow!" The "Ow" was because at that comment, Spirit Point poked a claw into Karra, who had suggested that name.

"How about ‘Dire Thoughts’?" suggested Keith. Everyone mulled this over. It had a sort of ring to it. They nicknamed it ‘DT’ though.

Everyone went to sleep in the Shrine, hoping that they would unlock T’kleju’s disc the next morning.

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