It'sWereTiger here! I'm back for all you loyal fans! (Crickets chirp) OK,OK so Ihaven't written much for a while. I've had all sorts of crap going on. Anyhow,here's my first serious attempt at a series. Disclaimer I don't own Monster Rancher or any related characters(except Dronzer).


Dreams are odd things. They come and go like birds, and areshattered easily like glass. But sometimes you want a dream so badly, it seemspossible, even if it isn’t. But sometimes a twist of fate may bend possibilityso that things are possible. Yes, dreams can be funny things.

Chapter 1

Tiger of the Wind couldn’t sleep. His mind drifted to thingsfar, so far, in the past. He thought of his beautiful mate Rose. She had died,her life stolen away by fate. Then he thought of his son. A Hare Hound hadkidnapped the pup when he was just a newborn. He though of Grey Wolf, alsostolen from him by Moo. He growled low. So much had been stolen from him. Hesuddenly saw another Tiger watching him. He bolted off. Tiger quickly rose andbegan to give chase... he would have caught him if he hadn't stepped on Suezo.Suezo leapt up and started yelling causing chaos. After a few minuets thingsdied down, and Tiger sat looking away from Genki as Genki began grilling him.“What were you doing,” Genki yelled “Hey, look at me when I’m talking toyou!!!” Suezo snored loudly. Everyone started yelling at Suezo. As pandemoniumrighned Tiger bolted off following the obvious trail the younger Tiger hadmade.

Notso far away, a Rover(Tiger\Hare) yelled at the young Tiger. “You showedyourself to him?!” the Rover yelled. “What were you thinking Hunter!! “I wasjust watching him Kai! After all, he seemed so familier…” the younger one said.Well now we’ll have to leave again,” Kai growled. “Let’s move.” As they did, Kai nodded to the unseenlisteners. They prepared to destroy the next Tiger that went into the forest.

Tigerhad lost the trail. “Damn… where am I?” “ Lose something?” a voice growled.Tiger looked up to find himself surrounded by many Dronzers(Dragon/Moo) “No, I’m just looking for another Tiger. You seen any?” Tiger said“No, but we were instructed by Kai to kill you. It’ll be nice killing you!”Tiger fought, blasting away with Torpedo, and Blizzard. Finaly the CaptainDronzer attacked at full force. “Hellsphere” he yelled belching a globe of darkfire. It struck Tiger full on. Genki and the others suddenly attacked. Thecaptain bellowed “ Retreat, Retreat!” Aretreating Dronzer asked “But what about the Tiger?” The captain awnsered witha laugh as the last of the Dronzers winged away through the night and he spreadhis wings “He’s as good as dead!”

“Holly, come quick!Tiger is hurt bad!” As Holly tended to Tigers wounds Genki muttered, “ I’llfind this Kai and pay him back for what he did to you no matter what, Tiger. Nomatter what.”

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