"When You Only Know (How To Say Goodbye In Your Heart)" By: StolenSpark

Disclaimer and apology: I own nothing. I apologize for the pathetic shortness of this fic. I have a short attention span ^-^6. Now where was I...Oh yeah, as I see it, this fic is placed just after Moo's defeat, six years in the future of MR. That makes Holly 20, Genki 17.

*...* means thought.

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She was happy. He was glad she had found what she was looking for.

But what do you say to the person you loved when she was happy with someone else?

*Someone who would never deserve her? Some na´ve kid?*

Watching her laugh as Genki threw his arms around her. How beautiful she looked when she did.

*Soul of the Phoenix, everything you are not. After everything, she deserves him.*

To hurt him would destroy her. Used and abused, she had lost nearly everything she'd ever had.

He could never betray her. His Master, everything to him.

Just a close friend to her. Maybe her best friend...

*The first she told, you fool.*

*But it's too little too late...*

So he had to say goodbye.

//When you only know how to say goodbye in your heart.//


*Be happy to be alive again. There are more fish in the sea, girl. You're no longer tied to the lake...*

*No longer tied to him. He's found another. The pretty little HUMAN girl.* Part of her continued to scream back.

*Well, when you die, you expect them to move on, no?*

*Why are you surprised that he did, Undine?*

*We were soulmates, weren't we?*

*To him, you burned to death years ago.*

Brown-haired girl on his shoulder, kiss and a caress, child just beginning to show.

*Could have been me.* She said suddenly angry. *If I hadn't been stupid enough to get myself killed. Couldn't just come back and expect him to abandon everything he had with that human for me.*

*Though you wish he did.*

*You've forgiven me my deception, Golem...but I guess It's time to say goodbye.*

//When you only know how to say goodbye in your heart.//


*Well I guess it was too much to hope for. Great rival, great friend once we grew up a little. Too much to hope for...*

*So you like girls, not me. So you've got a girlfriend.* Hare thought, sitting alone.

*Could be worse* He mused. *At least I can still play with your head.*

*It's no fun anymore. Knowing that you don't view it the same way I do.*

*I'm honestly surprised you never guessed. You could be so dense sometimes Tiger. So easy to fool.*

*And no reason to push you away by telling you.*

*Better to have loved and lost than never have loved, I guess, dear Tiger.*

*At least I finally understand what Golem meant when he talked about only knowing how to say goodbye in your heart.*

//When you only know how to say goodbye in your heart.//

//When I only know how to say goodbye in my heart.//

//The only place to say goodbye is your heart.//