Where You Are

ANFA: Warning: Sad ficcie. :p This fic doesn't really go with any series or whatever, but I got the inspiration to write it while I was listening to a CD. Don't own Monster Rancher or Jessica Simpson's song, "Where You Are," so please don't sue. Arigatou.

Holly sighed sadly and leaned on the porch railing as the wind blew through the evening air.

Moo's gone now, she thought, and the monsters are all okay, but Genki… Remorse began to flood through her. The wind blew again, and Holly sighed as she felt a slightly familiar warmth on her shoulders.

There are times

I swear I know you're here

I forget about my fears

Feelin you my dear

Holly sighed again and walked off the porch into the field. She watched Mocchi and Suezo play a game of tag happily while a tired Tiger looked annoyed, Hare trying to tug at his tail. Golem sat a ways off, resting under the shade of a tree. Holly only paused a moment before walking on.

Watchin' over me

And my hope sees

What the future will bring

When you wrap your wings

She ventured alone down the beaten dirt road, alone not in being, but in soul.

And take me where you are

Where you and I will be together

Once again

The sky began to turn purple, orange, and golden. The scene was unforgettably beautiful, yet Holly didn't seem to notice as she continued to walk along the path…alone.

And you'll be smilin back at me

Only then will I be free

When I can be, where you are

As Holly moped along the path, a lone figure materialized under a dead tree, nearly transparent. The figure had its arms crossed and looked up. Its clear eyes glittered with tears.

And I can see your face

Your kiss I still can taste

Not a memory erased

The figure slowly followed behind Holly, whom stopped and looked up at the stars beginning to come out. One of them stood out more than the rest, and Holly smiled sadly.

Oh, how I see your star

Shinin down on me

And I'd do anything

She continued to walk on as the ghostly figure only hesitated a second before following.

If I could just,

Be right there where you are

Where you and I will breathe together

Once again

And you'll be smilin back at me

The figure smiled sadly at Holly, running a hand through its messy and dark, yet still somewhat translucent, hair. Holly looked back, seeing no one there. She closed her eyes and then turned around, continuing her forlorn walk.

Only then will I be free

Then I will be free, so take me where you are

The ghost sustained to walk right behind her, hands in its pockets. They both came to a clearing, and the moonlight shone on the phantom's face. Genki. Holly sat down and a large rock, looking down as he walked over to her.

Now baby there are times when selfishly

I'm wishin that you were here with me

So I can wipe the tears from your eyes and make you see

She had the strange sensation someone was gently wiping away the tear that trickled down her face. Holly opened eyes. Unsurprisingly, nothing.

I should've know he wouldn't be here, she thought to herself a bit angrily. After all, he's dead. He's been dead. Holly, get a grip. He's not going to come back. He was killed in the final battle with Moo. The Phoenix could only revive monsters, so there's no way he'll ever be able to return. Just forget about it. Holly rose from the boulder and set off slowly towards home.

Genki stayed right by her side. The route home was dangerous, what with all the wild monsters, yet nothing touched Holly as her feet plodded against the soft earth.

That every night when you are dreamin

I'm here to guard you from afar

And anytime I feel alone

I'll close my eyes and dream of where you are

Where you and I will breathe together

Once again

Only then will I be free

Then I will be free,

Holly's ranch appeared in the far distance. She slowed down her pace even more so as she got closer. Holly didn't feel very social at the moment. She stopped. Something didn't feel right. Was a monster following her? She turned around. Nothing. No one. Holly faced forward again.

Baby I still believe

Oh I gotta believe

I still believe

I will touch you that sweet day

I could almost swear someone's here, Holly thought as she had the strange sensation of someone wrapping their arms around her.

That you take me there

Where you are

I still believe

I gotta believe

I still believe

I will touch you that sweet day

She felt that familiar warmth flow through her again. Someone was holding her.

"Genki?" she whispered into the night. A soft wind in her ear silenced her. She smiled sadly.

That you take me there

Where you are

I still believe

I gotta believe

I still believe

The warm "arms" began to move away.

"No! Wait!" she called out. Genki's apparition smiled sadly before disappearing.

I'll always be waiting here

That sweet day

I still believe......I still believe....

"Genki? Genki?" the lonely wind's howl was her only reply as she sadly walked inside.