"Why They Never Showed Another Monster Rancher Show" BY: Sailor Luna

Sailor Luna: I'm going to just tell you this, they went though a lot of directors in the making. Also, don't take any of this the wrong way! So, read on to find out why they stopped making Monster Rancher here in the good old USA!

Director: Okay, let's start from the top! Genki: Again?

Director: (Sigh's) Yes, again.

Mocchi: Mocchi don't have make-up, chi.

Director: No one will care. Places! Take 5 on episode, "Moo's Body"!

Moo: I don't like that title!

Director: Your on!

Moo: Huh? Oh! (Ahem) You have given me problems for the last time! Now I have found my body! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Moo: (Turns to body) At last, I will be my old self again!

(Genki and group look confused at him.)

Director: Uh, Moo?

Moo: Not now, this is my great moment! I will be more powerful than the Phoenix! I have found my body!

(Tiger and Suezo walk off the set with vein's on there heads. Holly taps her foot.)

Director: Moo?

Moo: You are my powerful body, how I eve you!

(Genki throw's up his hands and follows Tiger and Suezo. Holly sighs and follows him. Mocchi stands there and blinks. Hare sighs and follows Holly. Golem runs after them.)

Moo: You are my body, and now you shall rejoin oh powerful one!

Director: MOO?


Director: (Rubs his forehead) Moo, that's not your body, that's a frog.

(Moo looks at the frog.)

Frog: Ribbit!

(Frog hops away.)

Moo: It looked powerful to me.

Director: Cut!


Take 6

Director: Okay, Tiger, you fire your Torpedo attack and Grey Wolf will to the same. Hopefully will see a big explosion of lightning. Ready?

Tiger: I shouldn't have quit my day job.

Grey Wolf: I'm with you.

(They got to the stage and get ready.)

Director: Action!!

Tiger: Torpedo!!

Grey Wolf: Torpedo!!

(Tiger's attack is stronger and it shocks Grey Wolf and the people behind the him. They all fall to the floor, burnt and crisp.)

Tiger: (Looks over his shoulder at fallen people) Oops.

Grey Wolf: That's the last time you charge horns up with batteries.

(Grey Wolf falls over. Tiger shrugs.)


Take 7

Director: Mocchi, you trip over the disk and hold it up. Genki takes it from you and shouts, 'We found a Mystery Disk! Good job Mocchi!' Got it?

Mocchi: Chi! Genki: Sure.

(They take places.)

Director: Action!!

(Mocchi picks up disk and holds it up. He then falls back and hits Genki. They both fall over into the Director. The three hit the camera.)

Hare: (Drinking coffee) Ouch.

Holly: I'm surprised Fox Kids even let our show air on TV.

Suezo: I'm retiring after this year.

Golem: Golem think Monster Rancher show is painful.

Director: (In pain) Cut.


Take 17

Director: Okay, the Phoenix appears and all of you be surprised. Do it right this time! Action!!

(Phoenix appears from Mystery Disk. Everyone gasp and watches. The Phoenix's screech's and caws. Mocchi sees a red button on the floor. He walks up to it.)

Director: MOCCHI! NOOOOO!!!!

(Mocchi press's button. Phoenix blows up. Director crawls to the camera and shakes it.)

Director: WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WH-


Take 30

Director: Do it right! Please! Action!!

Golem: Moo will not win!

Moo: But I all ready have! MWHAHAHAHAHA!!

Genki: Not if I can help it! The all for one attack!

(Phoenix flies at Moo and caws. Phoenix tries to stop but crash's into Moo. They both tumble into the wall and crash into it. They roll away.)

Director: This just more interesting with the job. Cut!


Take 35

Holly: Well, you see, Moo is my father.

Genki: What!? Why didn't you tell us!

Pikachu: Chu?

(Everyone stares at Pikachu. Pikachu stares at them.)

Tiger: (Gasp) It's a Poke'mon! They shouldn't be here! Poke'mon is evil in the world of monster's! Let's get him! Everyone: YAYYYYY!!

Pikachu: PIIIIIIII!!!!!


Director: AAAHHHHH!!!


Take 47

Director: Okay, now were in trouble! We have to find a replacement for the Pikachu you guys destroyed!!

Golem: He was on wrong set.

Suezo: Yeah, Poke'mon is evil.

Mocchi: So is Digimon, chi.

Holly: Yeah, but we still shouldn't have killed it.

Genki: It's his fault.

Director: Never mind, just act! Action!!

Song: Digimon, Digital Monsters! Digimon are the Champions!

Tiger: Hey! Who's playing that?

(Everyone looks up. Gatomon and Patomon smile and continue to play song.)

Hare: That's it! Down with all other show's! ATTACK!!

(They all jump and Gatomon and Patomon run away, being chased by a mob of all the characters in Monster Rancher. Director goes up to camra and shakes it.)

Director: I hate my life! Make it stop! AAAAHHHH!!!

(Director gets got in mob. He is swept away by it. Gatomon jumps in front of the camera.)

Gatomon: Uh, I shouldn't be here but just to say this, Monster Rancher is a show that is more dangerous in the making.

(She runs away as the mob chase's her.)


Take 83

Pixie: I've made up my mind. I would like to join in the fight agasined Moo.

Suezo: She can't be trusted!

Holly: Yes she can. WE have to.

Big Blue: We are good mons-

Song: Change into Digital Champions ! Too, save the Digital World! Hare: That does it!

(Mob chase's Gatomon and Patomon again.)

Director: (Beats floor and cries) I HATE MY LIFE!! I HATE MY-


Take 96

Scale Jell: Don't you know Scale Jells are, immortal!?

Director: No, no! You say immoral then immortal, its a joke!

Scale Jell: (Scratch's his head) I don't get it. What's that have to do with being funny. Say, can I give my speech, I always wanted to. I have a dream....

(Five hours later)

(Everyone is asleep)

Scale Jell: And so, as a Scale Jell, that is my dream. Okay, I'm ready to act. Huh?


Take 100

Director: Okay, last shot. Try harder and get it right!!

Moo: I will destroy you all!!

Tiger: Fat chance!!

Grey Wolf: Yeah, I'm with him!

Pixie: All for one and-

Big Blue: one for all!

Genki: Attack!!

Song: Poke'mon! Gotta catch em all! It's you and me! (Beep) Digimon, Digital Monsters! (Beep) She is the one name Sailor Moon!

Everyone from MR: DDDIIIIEEEE!!!

(Mob chase's Digimon, Sailor Moon, and Poke'mon character's.)


(Everyone stops and looks at him. He goes crazy.)

Director: I told my mommy I wanted to direct a normal show! "Oprah"! I wanted to direct that! But no! I'm directing Monster Rancher! We'll I give up on directing! Now, I'll rule the world with my magic camera! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Everyone looks at each other. Guys in white jacket's come and take the director away in a strait jacket.)

Genki: I saw we all go out for lunch.

Tai: Sounds good to me.

Ash: Where to?

Sailor Mars: How about Friday's?

Tiger: Okay! Last one there's a rotten monster!

(Everyone runs off to go to lunch.)


Sailor Luna: And so, that's why new Monster Rancher episode's were never shown again. Two reason's: They couldn't get another director, and the characters were never found. Sailor Moon, Digimon, and Poke'mon characters say they disappeared after lunch.

(Guy from "Unsolved Mysteries" appears.)

Guy: If you have any information of the MR actor's and actress's, please call us and 1-800-I-Know or visit us at www.Iknow.com.

(Sailor Luna pushes him out of the why.)

Sailor Luna: Uhh, yeah. What he said. Anyway- (Guy comes back)

Guy: That's 1-800-I-Know. Please call. Operators are standing by.

(Sailor Luna pushes him away again.)

Sailor Luna: Yeah. As I was saying, thank you to CP for putting all these silly FanFic's up. (Smiles and winks) And-

Guy: That's 1-800-I-Know. Call now.

(Sailor Luna pulls a mallet out of thin air and knocks him out.)

Sailor Luna: (Ahem) AS I was saying, thank you to CP and the MR Characters for letting us put up these bad stories about them.

Holly: Hey, who said you could?

Sailor Luna: Huh?

Genki: Yeah!

Tiger: What if we wrote something bad about you?

Sailor Luna: Well, I , uhhh...

(MR characters start beating up Sailor Luna.)