The Wind Beneath my Wings

Disclaimer: I do not legally own Monster Rancher or The Wind beneath my Wings by Bette Midler.

Author's Note: I'm basing this songfic taken from various sources about the events in "Tears"

* * * * * * *

<It must have been cold there in my shadow>
<To never have sunlight on your face>
<You were content to let me shine, that's your way>
<You always walked a step behind>
<So I was the one with all the glory>
<While you were the one with all the strain>

Steady, yet emotionless as a rock, until.....until the end, before your choice, your sacrifice, but why...why.
Big Blue, you always were my loyal servant and bodyguard, my trusted companion, always following and protecting me, never once questioning my judgement, like a faithful shadow, but I never told you're the best friend I ever had.

<A beautiful face without a name for so long>
<A beautiful smile to hide the pain>
<Did you ever know that you're my hero>
<And everything I would like to be?>
<I can fly higher than an eagle> 
<For you are the wind beneath my wings>

I still see your face when I close my eyes and I remember your smile, it must have taken extreme courage to do what you did...all for my sake.
Because of you, I can still spread my wings to touch the sky, brush the clouds and race the birds.
I loved to fly, to soar, feeling the wind against my face.
Then Moo robbed of my wings.
As I lay dying, I could feel they had gone, both of my wings, how could I do the one thing I loved now.

<It might have appeared to go unnoticed>
<But I've got it all here in my heart>
<I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it>
<I would be nothing without you>
<Did you ever know that you're my hero?>
<You're everything I wish I could be>

As I slowly cast my eyes downwards, over my new form, I have to ask myself...
Do I deserve to live, knowing that we can never physically be together again.
I look down at myself again and I think I see your 'blood' on my hands.
And now, I feel your presence like a shadow in my mind.
But I don't want you inside me, I want you beside me, where I feel you truly belong.
Damn you, Moo, if you hadn't taken my wings from me, Big Blue would still be here, with me.

<I could fly higher than an eagle>                                    
<For you are the wind beneath my wings>
<Did I ever tell you you're my hero?>
<You're everything, everything I wish I could be>
<Oh, and I, I could fly higher than an eagle>
<For you are the wind beneath my wings>
I cared for you, but I thought you would always be there and one day
I would work up the courage to tell you how I felt.
Forgive me, Blue, I took you for granted.
But now you're gone.....gone, buried somewhere deep inside me and I can't say what's in my heart.
That I...I need you.
That I love you.

<Cause you are the wind beneath my wings>                                
<Oh, the wind beneath my wings>
<You, you, you, you are the wind beneath my wings>    
<Fly, fly, fly away>
<You let me fly so high>                              
<Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings>

"Granity, are you alright?" Holly asked, concern in her brown eyes. 
"Yes, I'm...I'm fine" the pixie hybrid insisted, suddenly strolling off just
a short distance, suddenly she stopped, then raised her gaze upwards, to the sky.
"Goodbye, Blue and thank you for allowing me to fly again" she whispered, a single tear trickling down her cheek.

<Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings> 
<Fly, fly, fly high against the sky>
<So high, I almost touch the sky>
<Thank you, thank you>
<Thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings>