"Wings of Fire" By: Holly-chan

Sequel to "Magma Hearts"

ANFA: Okay, this is the 2nd to the last part in my little "series." Little bit o' Genki and Holly torture, but not too much. Don't own Monster Rancher, probably never will. Boo-hoo. N E Wayz, enjoy! ^_^

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"Something tells me we're going to have quite a time getting that Disk," Holly said as Genki nodded in agreement.

"Man, how are we gonna get around that?" He groaned. Holly tapped him on the shoulder.

"Genki, over there!" She said, pointing.

"Huh?" Genki looked over. "All right! A walkway! But it's a bit narrow…"

"I guess we'll have to make the most of it," Holly replied, "c'mon Genki, let's go!" The two of the cautiously walked over to the narrow rock passage. Backs pressed against the wall, they slowly began to cross it.

"Okay," Holly said, "the important thing is not to look down." A few seconds later, Genki let out a yell of fear and froze where he was.

"What is it?" Holly asked, almost losing her footing from being startled.

"I--I looked down," Genki told her.

"I told you not to!"

"I couldn't help it!" Holly sighed.

"Well, let's go," she said.

"I-I can't move." Genki replied, glancing down at the long drop into the lava.

"C'mon Genki, you can do it! Just move very, very slowly and carefully," Holly told him. Genki nodded.

"O-okay," he stuttered. He began to move again, only slower and more carefully.

"Only a few more steps," he mumbled. Genki reached out to get to the other end when he lost his footing. He screamed as Holly's eyes widened in shock.

"GENKI!" She exclaimed. Quickly grabbing a jutting-out rock with one hand, Holly leaned down and grabbed Genki's wrist with her other one.

"I got you Genki," she said as he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thanks Holly," Genki said as she pulled him back up. After they reached the other side, Holly and Genki took a few moments' breather.

"Whew, that was a close one," Holly said, wiping sweat off her brow.

"You're telling me," Genki replied, leaning against the wall and panting, trying to catch his breath.

"Man Genki, you're a lot heavier then you look." Holly said. Genki laughed nervously.

"Yeah," he agreed. "Never underestimate the weight of the wiry," Holly laughed.

"Well, we'd better get going," she said as Genki got up.

"Yeah," he agreed. "Let's go!"


Holly and Genki came to a split crossing of tunnels. They looked at each other.

"I'll take the right, you take the left, Holly," Genki said. Holly nodded.

"Kay." She agreed as Genki walked into the tunnel on their right. "Be careful!"

"You too," Genki called back. Holly smiled and walked into the left tunnel.


"Man, is it just me or is it getting hotter down here?" Genki mumbled to himself. He suddenly came to a dead end.

"What he--? Man, this stinks!" he grumbled. "I hope Holly's doing better then I am…"


Holly wiped sweat from her brow as she walked along the dim passageway.

"It's becoming considerably hotter, I must be getting closer to the center," Holly mumbled to herself. A sudden feeling of uneasiness swept over her. Stopping in her tracks, Holly slowly turned around.


"Stupid cave seems to go on forever," Genki mumbled as he walked back towards the fork in the passages. A high-pitched screamed cut through the air as the boy froze in his tracks.

"Oh crap!" Genki exclaimed, eyes widening. "Holly!" He dashed forward, hoping to find her before anything else did.


Running as fast as she could, Holly headed back towards the parting of the paths, all the while looking behind her to see if she was being chased. Holly suddenly crashed into something hard and flipped over, tumbling to the ground. After a second of being stunned, Holly looked up to see Genki rub his head painfully.

"God Holly, watch where's you're running!" he grumbled. "What is it you're running from anyway?" Just as Genki finished talking, Holly's eyes widened and her hair got messed up in fear. Genki sweated. "What's wrong?"

"B-b-ba-ba-ba-ba-" Holly stuttered.

"Ba?" Genki asked, sweating more in confusion.

"Ba-ba-ba-b-b-big ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-m-m-mon-mon-st-st-er-er…" Holly replied, pointing behind Genki.

"What?" Genki turned around. A huge monster whose head nearly scraped the tall ceiling hovered over him. It looked sort of like a Durahan, only its entire body was made of fire, including its sword, with the monster raised over its head.

"YYAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Genki screamed, his hair messed up in fear. He jumped out of the way of the sword just as its blade smacked into the ground where he had been. Genki dodged a few more attacks and ran over to Holly.

"Let's go," he said, scooping her up and rollerblading away as the monster barely missed again.

"So, didja find anything?" Genki asked as he rollerbladed away from the fire monster as fast as he could.

"Is this a good time to ask me?" Holly replied as Genki dodged a fireball.

"Not really, but I want to make sure we're not gonna hit another dead-end here," Genki replied, jumping over a boulder.

"You hit a dead end?"


"Well, let's hope there's something up ahead……and hope that that monster won't get to us anytime soon." Holly said, glancing back.

"Hey, look!" Genki exclaimed, "up ahead!" the two of them saw a light at the end of the passage. Genki held Holly closer and sped up, hoping to reach the entrance before the monster caught up. As they came closer to the opening, Genki noticed it was very narrow.

"Crap, it looks like we're gonna have to squeeze through." He said. Genki quickly turned himself sideways, causing his rollerblades to start skidding, and Holly to scream. Genki and Holly braced themselves as they skidded through the entrance. Genki blinked and looked around.

"Hey, we made it. Cool!" He said, smiling. Holly nodded and stepped back on to the ground. Then was a low growl from behind them as a ball of fire blasted Genki in the leg.

"AHHH!" Genki cried out in pain as he fell over.

"GENKI!" Holly exclaimed, kneeling down next to him. "Are you okay?"

"That stupid monster…." Genki grumbled, gripping his singed lower leg as Holly looked over at the entrance. The fire monster was stuck, and trying to struggle his way out, shooting fire everywhere. Holly and Genki sweated.

"Uh…" Holly blinked. Genki tapped her on the shoulder. "What Genki?" Genki pointed up in front of them. Holly looked up. In front of them there was a flight of rock stairs that led right to a stone stand. And atop that stand was a red Mystery Disk.

"The Phoenix's Mystery Disk!" Holly exclaimed. Genki smiled.

"Go for it, Holly." He said. Holly looked at him.

"Are you sure?" She asked. Genki nodded.


" 'Kay." Holly turned and ran up the stairs. There was a yell from behind her and she stopped. Holly turned around. Another flame had just missed Genki's arm by centimeters, and the boy looked very pissed.

"KNOCK IT OFF!" Genki growled at the fire monster, a vein on his head. Genki grabbed a nearby boulder and threw it at the fire monster, who sweated. The boulder slammed into its face, knocking it out.

"Good riddance," Genki grumbled as the monster's eyes swirled and Holly sweated.

"O-kaaay." Holly said to herself, running back up the stairs. She soon reached the Mystery Disk. On the pedestal on which it lay was an inscription. Holly blinked.

"What's this?" She mumbled, reading the inscription to herself. " 'Yōjin suru ningenteki. Anata dare ga toru watashi no Disuku mashō shinu moshi anata ugoki hayai to nan no kankei moi nai.' " Holly bit her lip as she quickly translated the Japanese in her head.

" 'Human, beware. Thou who takes thy Disk shall perish if thou doust not move quickly?' What does that mean?" she asked aloud.

"Holly, hurry up!" Genki called. "I think he's starting to wake up!" Holly glanced behind her to see the fire monster twitching, starting to regain consciousness. She grabbed the Mystery disk and ran back down the stairs towards Genki. The whole cave began to quake fiercely, however, before she reached the bottom. Losing her balance, Holly flew forward with a scream.

"HOLLY!" Genki cried. He managed to catch Holly, but the force was so great it knocked him down, Holly landing on top of him. Genki groaned and opened his eyes. He and Holly instantly blushed as they noticed their current position.

"Uh…heh heh." Genki laughed nervously with holly. "S-sorry."

"Y-yeah," Holly agreed as she got up. The ground shook again, almost making Holly fall over again. A few large rocks hit the ground and shattered. Then lava burst up from the spot where the Mystery Disk used to be.

"WHOA!" Genki exclaimed. "C'mon Holly, let's go! Hop on!" He leaned down as Holly swiftly climbed onto is back, then sped off.

The fire monster groaned and opened his eyes.

"GANGWAY!" Genki shouted, knocking him over as he skated out. Genki rollerbladed off as the monster grumbled, rubbing his head. There was a loud hiss behind him, and the fire creature turned around and looked.

"GEEEYAAAAHH!!!!" The monster screeched as millions of gallons of lava flowed toward it. He scrambled forward, tears shooting out of his eyes, trying to get away.


The monsters felt the ground rumble violently.

"What's going on in there?" Hare asked worriedly.

"The volcano is internally erupting," Igneous explained. "I suggest you all move to higher ground, quick!"

"But what about Genki and Holly?" Pixie asked.

"Just go!" Volcani bellowed. "Your friends will be fine! Go!" The monsters nodded and sped up the hill as the Magma Hearts watched the entrance.

"You think they'll make it?" Igneous asked nervously.

"I hope so," his pal replied.


Holly watched in horror as the lava consumed the fire monster.

"GENKI! Hurry! The lava's getting close!" she exclaimed.

"LOOK! The exit!" Genki cried. He quickened his pace.

"Hold on tight, Holly!" Genki leapt forward out of the exit. We're not gonna make it. Genki thought to himself as the lava flowed out of the hole below them. Holly screamed as they began to fall back to the ground. We're not gonna…we're not gonna….

Genki suddenly felt himself being lifted upwards. "Huh?" He looked up. Volcani had grabbed onto Holly's back, lifting the two humans up.

"Thanks, Volcani!" Holly told the Dragon gratefully.

"No problem!" Volcani replied.

"Don't lose your grip on me Holly, or I'll be toast…literally." Genki told her.

"Don't worry, I won't." Holly said. Volcani dropped Genki and Holly off by their friends.

"Hey!" Hare hopped over to the. "Ya made it! didja get the Disk?" Holly held up the Mystery Disk proudly.

"Yep!" She said. "Let's go unlock it!"

"HAI!" The monsters agreed.

"Good luck on your fight with Moo!" Igneous told them as he and Volcani flew off.

"Thanks!" Genki called to them, waving. Then he turned back to his friends. "Let's go."


"I don't get it; this is the fifth time I've tried, and it still won't work!" Holly said irritably as she tried unsuccessfully to unlock the Disk.

"Why don't you let Genki try?" Tiger suggested.

"Okay." Holly gave in. "Genki?"

"All right." Genki stepped forward as Holly moved out of the way. He placed his hands on the button and concentrated.

"UNLOCK!" he cried. The room filled with a bright white light, and everyone covered their eyes. There was a loud screech, and the rebels squinted to get a look.

"It's the Phoenix!" Suezo cried happily as everyone cheered. "Now we can get Moo!" The Phoenix flew over to Genki.

He asked Genki telepathically. Genki nodded.

"If you mean Moo, yes."

He leaned down Genki smiled and climbed on.

"Hey Holly!" He called over. "C'mon!"

"Is it safe?" Holly asked.

The Phoenix assured her. Holly climbed on and the rebels moved out.

"Moo doesn't stand a chance against us!" Hare said smugly.

"I DON'T THINK SO!" a voice boomed from in front of them. the rebels stopped and gasped.

"MOO!" Pixie and Genki growled.


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