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"Grant Me This One Wish" By:Ryan

(Konnichi wa! Yes, I admit this is dark. I usually donít write these kinds of fics but I thought of it and it sounded like a good idea. And yes, itís done from Hollyís perspective. Tell me what you think. Please! Email= Thank you! Ja-ne, minna

What happened? We were doing so well. But now as I look around all hope is dying. The bodies of my comrades are sprawled across the shrineís cold, stone floor. Their pathetic moans are muffled by the maniacal laugh of our greatest enemy. Why? Our powers are no match. Moo has found his body and rendered us helpless. I hate him. For a moment I hate everyone. Genki, for his love and friendship; Suezo for being so fatherly; the others for being my friends. These are what made me love each and everyone as a dear friend but now that they are hurt I hate them for just a second. For hurting themselves, for getting mortally wounded, for dying on me like they are now. Then I realize it is Moo I truly hate. I mustnít, he feeds on my hate. But how can I not hate him for all he has done. He has killed and is killing those I love and destroying my world. Why? Why was he ever brought into existence? Not even those who fight on his side like him, they only fear him. We were proud, overjoyed, and cocky. We had finally found the Phoenix! We were so happy. We arrived at the shrine but Mooís troops had followed and stole the disk. We chased them back to the castle. They had recovered his dormant body. We got back the disk. As his mind was transported from the body we knew to the original one we were all spotted. In one blow he took most of us out. Genki still stood, protecting the disk. He grabbed Genki and the disk. He shattered the disk into minute shards as if it were a cheap toy. At that moment time seemed to stop and from there on Moo knew he was invincible. He blew us all away, including Genki, in another blast. His powers are too strong. Now all we can do is wait. Wait to be put out of our misery. The heartless fiend! He even killed his own men with the comment that they werenít needed any longer. Maybe, in the dark abyss of fate a light will shine through for us. Maybe, there is still a spec of hope left. But now all I can do is pray and wish. If there is any hope let it come and be strong enough to defeat him. Let my friends live. Please, let the ray of hope shine. Grant me this one wish.