"Year of the Snake"

(happy new year, everyone!)

Genki sighed as he lay down on a piece of rock. It was raining. Again. Optimistic as he was about Grey Wolf's defeat, and how well Tiger took his younger brother's death, Genki still felt as crestfallen as anybody else that they had to sit through another storm.

(we thought, the danger was just about through//

Genki started to think. (How will Holly feel as we near her village? It's obviously on Naga's territory, and he's the remaining of Moo's Big Bad Four. And the rumors.)

(but in truth, it just intensified//

The group had heard some rumors after the defeat of Grey Wolf. Rumors such as ones commenting on how bloodthirsty and unforgiving Naga was. How Holly had narrowly escaped such a disaster. Who Holly's father was.

(the team, is on desperate make looking out for that monster that keeps us awake//

Genki touched his cheek, and felt wetness. He'd been crying again, and still didn't know why. Genki wiped the tears off his face, hoping no one was still awake. The team's morale was low enough after the rumors, they didn't need to see their battery going softy.

(Happy Hanukkah, no lady should see this too//

Genki watched his train of thoughts go crazy.

(Merry Christmas, our senses have lied//

(Softy, Mocchi's early days, Cherry Blossom Blizzard, Blizzard, Tiger, Scar, Moo, Darkness, Centaur, not willing to give in, headstrong, stubborn, that's me and my family. Mom. she made sweetcakes the day I left my world.)

(New Year's eve, we're doing double-takes//

Genki made a guess: (The calendar. in America, wouldn't it be the year 2001? What do the Chinese people call this year?)Genki smiled, relaxed, as he remembered. (How fitting. In both our worlds. it's the Year of the Snake.) He fell asleep.

(Happy New Year, the Year of the Snake.//