"You've been watching/playing to much Monster Rancher when................" By:Anime-Girl

1. You buy a playstation for the soul purpose of playing Monster Rancher

2. You borrow an year worth of allowance from your brother to buy Monster Rancher 2 priced at $80.

3. you do the above {even though your best friend who doesn't like the game anymore offered to give you her copy for free}, just so you can say you own your OWN copy of the game

4. You mark the date of your monsters birthdays and the days they died on your calendar

5: You throw a party for them on there birthdays

6: you wear nothing but black and mourn on the days they died

7: Before you play Monster Rancher you always fix yourself up really nice incase you get sucked into the game

8: You named your dog Tiger

9: You start screaming "NO!!! MOOCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!" whenever someone eats a sweet cake

10: You change your name to Holly

11: You change your name to Genki

12: You plan to name your child Holly or Genki

13: You do name your child Holly or Genki

14: You were actually shocked when someone told you that Genki was the Phoenix

15: You fall in love with one of the characters

16: whenever you see a cow you run away screaming.......

17: Or burst into hysterical laughter 18: You chase every cow you see with a hatchet

19: You hung the pictures of every monster you trained on your wall 20: You friends know you as the Monster manic

21: your house is burning down and you could either save you monster rancher 2 game or your little brother........your going to miss your brother.

22: All your notebooks are covered with doodles of monsters

23: You make a symbol that looks like Moo's and say you work for Master Moo

24: You claim that you once was part of the big bad four

25: You use to be a real laid back person but now your hyper 24/7

26: You carry a dagger with you

27: You hate the rain

28: When you go fishing you immediate Moochie

29:Lately you have been falling asleep in class a lot

30:You try to con the new kid at school into giving you there lunch money 31: You and your rival have a Tiger/Hare relationship

32: You and your brother have a Tiger/Grey wolf relationship

33: You rather be stuck in a strange world with out no way of getting back home then live the life you have right now

34: You look all over Japan for a monster battle competition

35: you go around claiming to be the monster champ even to people who don't know what the heck monster rancher is.

36: You move to Japan just so you can find Genki's mother and tell her that her son is all right

37: You actually DO fine Genki's mom

38: You get mad when you find a Monster Rancher fic that's not about your favourite character

39: You send death threats to any author who flames your favourite character

40: You name your rabbit Hare

41:You think the monster rancher characters are real

42: Right now your thinking/saying "But they are real!!"

43: You invent sun glasses for Suzo

44:Your going threw this fic saying "Yup" or "Done it"......

45: even more so if you said Yes for Nbr:21

46: You insist that your school should give classes about monsters

47: your license plate on your car says Monster-Rule

48: Your closest friend refers to you as Master {your name hear}

49: You go around and tell everyone you see that your from another world

50: You would read any Monster Rancher fanfic you find, even if it is Hentai........ 51: You search every Japanese site you can find for some Japanese Monster Rancher Fan Art

52: You began to cry when you saw that Monster Rancher is no longer on the Anime invasion

53: You kill the creators of 'Flint The Time Detective' and 'Dinozaurs' because those really BAD animes{no offensive to those of you who likes these shows} are being showed on Fox and Monster Rancher is not

54: You make a web page dedicated to your favourite character 5 5: You a Genki/Holly fan and your friend a Genki/Pixie fan fights all the time over who's the better couple

56: You spend hours trying to draw what you think Genki and Holly's daughter or son would look like

57: You spend hours trying to draw what you think Genki and Pixie's daughter or son would look like

58: You have every episode of monster rancher taped.

59: You go crazy looking for an Uncut episode of Monster Rancher......

60: You find a tape of an uncut ep but it's costs 45$

61: You find the price a fair deal

62: You change your last name to Sakura and say that you are Genki's Sister{brother}

63: You searched for hours to find out what Genki's last name 'Sakura' means in Japness{It means Cherry Blossoms}

64: Instead of studying for school your busy writing a list like this

65: You dumped your boyfreind{girlfreind} because they said Monster Rancher sucked

67: Your little Brother{sister} is scared of Monsters under his bed and you tell him{her} 'Monsters don't live under the bed! They live in CD'S'

68: You buys clothes that looks just Genki's clothes

69: You get an outfit made to look just like Holly's

70: When someone refuses to sell you something you call them a coward

71: You buy a pair of roller blades even though you have no idea how to use them

72: You make a necklace that looks just like the Magic Stone

73: You try to get it to show you a mystery disk

74: You make a 'Mystery disk' out of your neigbores garbage

75: You fix your hair like Holly

76: You fix your hair like Genki

77: whenever someone says "Hair" you think they are talking about "Hare"

78: you cry at the end of "Undiens Lake"

79: The only thing you have to look forward to in life is the New Monster Rancher Eps and whenever there is a new Monster Rancher Fanfic

80: You acutely read this whole list!