"A Reason" By:CP

Holly sighed, stroking his head gently while sitting on a cliff, not too far off from the others. She looked into his eyes which looked relaxed as his head laid on her lap.

"Tell me, something," she said softly, closing her eyes. "How can you be so full of energy when we still have a long ways to go to find the Phoenix?"

He yawned sleepily and murmured lazily.

She smiled, "I'm jealous of you. Everything seems fine for you, ever since the day I met you,no problems ever bothered you like they did to me. Maybe it's because you're younger, and more naive about this world. Or is it really just me?"

He blinked and looked at Holly's face.

"My father...he's gone, gone from my heart as well..," she shook her head. "Nevermind..about him." She touched his cheek as he closed his eyes again. "You wouldn't understand.. What we're fighting for..seems hopeless for me. Sometimes, I think we'll never find the Phoenix or defeat Moo."

He opened his eyes quickly at that, "That's not true!"

Holly smiled, "I'm sorry, but for the past weeks, from the past events, my hopes about everything are gone." She smiled softly. "But.. Now I know it's foolish of me to believe that because we can do anything if we work as a team. Even find the Phoenix-and defeat Moo."

"Holly!" Suezo's voice called from the camp.

Holly turned to see Suezo hopping up and down getting her attention. "Time to eat! Let's go!"

Holly nodded and looked down at his eyes again. "Thank you for the talk. I feel much better."

He got up with a hop, "MOCCHI! Hahaha!"

Holly nodded, "Let's go eat."

Mocchi jumped onto her back with a laugh as they walked down to the camp.

The End!

Not who you thought she was talking to, huh? ^_~