Between Heaven and Hell

By: Sorceress Sakura

Chapter One: Meeting

It was a bright and sunny day as the Searchers started to wake up. Of course, from the help of a certain hyperactive boy.

“Come on you guys! Wake up! It’s a great day to search for the Phoenix!” Genki laughed as he shook everyone awake. Everyone grumbled something as they sat up and yawned. They soon were up and about as Holly started to make breakfast, and packed their things. Suezo was still complaining about getting up, Mochi played with Genki, Golem watched the flowers and Hare teasing Tiger.

“Breakfast is ready guys.” Holly said as she got out of the way before the group lunged at the food. Holly sighed and quietly ate her share.

“Is something wrong Holly?” someone asked her. She turned to the youth and smiled. “It’s nothing Genki.” she replied. “I don’t believe you. What are you thinking about?” Genki asked.

“What are you guys talking about? Are you guys talking about doing something naughty?” Hare said, smiling slyly. Genki’s and Holly’s faces became a bright red. “HARE!” They both shouted. And lightly blushed as they looked at each other,

“Well, the way you two act, it seems to be true.” Tiger said as he smirked. Golem was smiling gently and Mochi was just clueless.

“Everyone done? Okay, let’s go.” said a still blushing Holly as she picked up the bowls they ate and handed it to the group. “Time to clean up.” Everyone groaned, but did as they were told anyway.

“Which way now Holly?” Genki asked as he lifted his backpack over his shoulders. “Let’s see.” and with that, Holly closed her eyes and concentrated. The stone flashed for a second and then a shape of the Phoenix started to form. “North.”

“Alright! Let’s go!” Genki shouted as he raced off, Mochi following right behind him. Holly sighed and started to run after them, and the others followed. Hare, who was reading the map, continued to look at it. “It says here, there’s going to be a cliff near-”


“-by. sigh We better go get him.”

As the group anticipated, Genki had no doubt ran off the cliff. Mochi was struggling to keep Genki from falling to his doom, until Golem lifted him up.

“Are. You. Okay. Genki?” asked the gentle giant as he set the boy down on the Earth again.

“Yeah, I’m fine Golem. No cliff will stop me!”

“Unless you actually dropped from it.” Suezo remarked which Genki glared at him.

“Well, good thing there’s a town nearby, but we shouldn’t go with what Genki almost did to get down there.” Hare stated as he pointed down the cliff, to a town. “We have to find another way around.”

“That’s okay! Where do we go?” Genki asked eagerly.

Hare pointed to the right. “We go down this way and we will find a trail that leads to the town.”

“Alright! Let’s go!”

“Genki, how about we stick together this time. We do still have to do down the cliff and we don’t want you to fall off again.” “Fine.”

They soon reached the town and cheered. It had been awhile since they were last in a town and they needed supplies and an actual bed to sleep on. “The cheapest hotel in the town is the Ember Inn and from what I heard, it’s a great inn.” Hare stated as they walked in.

“Hello.” The inn keeper said as they walked in. “How many people do you have?” “Seven.” Holly replied. “That’ll be fine if you don’t mind sharing. We don’t have enough rooms for everyone.” “That would be fine. How many rooms do you have?”

“Three. Do you want them all?” “Yes please.”

They then went to a table to figure who was going to stay where.

“Okay let’s see, How about Golem, Mochi stay in a room, Tiger Suezo and I stay in another and that just leaves… Genki and Holly with the last one.” Everyone looked up at Genki and Holly who were blushing. Hare and Tiger grinned slyly and Suezo grew furious.

“No way! I’ll stay in the same room as Holly and Genki..” Suezo said as he glared at Genki. Genki and Holly sweat dropped and Genki inched away a little. “Fine, that settles it then.” Hare said as they went to their rooms to put their stuff in.

“We’ll all go look around town and meet back at the inn for dinner.” Holly said, “But we have to stay with at least one person.” and with that, the monsters left, leaving Genki and Holly. (AN: You so saw that coming.)

Genki and Holly wandered through town quietly for something to do. Then a voice caught their attention.

“Who will be next for this new champion to fight? This new and young champion has beat all who has challenged her? Will no one ever defeat this amazing girl?”

“Interesting. Is it a monster fight?” Genki asked as he spotted quite a big crowd. “Most likely.” Holly said. “Should we go see?”

“Yeah, I want to see who it is.” Genki answered as they went over to all the excitement. “Excuse me, could you tell me who’s fighting? Is it a monster?” He asked a stranger.

“Huh? No kid, it’s a girl. She has weird colored hair too. But she’s an amazing fighter!” the stranger said as he moved for them to see.

Genki then gasped. The girl was about his age, maybe a little bit older, with aqua green hair that was tied back in pig tails that reached her shoulders. She wore a white top that revealed her flat stomach and a blue skirt. A red pendant was around her neck that had wings on the side. Crystal blue eyes scanned and saw the pair. “Sakura?” Genki asked.