By: Sorceress Sakura

Sorceress Sakura: Hm…. I wonder why I wrote this…. Tiger: To make us all miserable? Hare: To torture us to death? Suezo: To punish me for using your hammer to unclog the toilet? Sorceress Sakura: YOU WHAT?! Anyway, no, that’s not it. I just had an urge to write this fic. All three: An urge eh? Sorceress Sakura: Oh shut up. I don’t own Monster Rancher and such. Okay, now for the fic!


It was a bright and beautiful day as the searchers walked through a field to Kokoro town. The land was beautiful, with brilliant colors of the flowers, coming to a crystal clear lake.

“Kokoro town?” Asked a certain dark haired boy. “What a weird name.”

“Well, it’ll be a day or two to get there, and from the looks of it, it’ll be dark soon.” Hare stated as he looked to the sky. It was a beautiful mix of red, orange and yellow indicating night was soon to come.

“So maybe we should start camp and get some fire wood.” Holly suggested as the others nodded in agreement. But then a sound interrupted their plans. Tiger then got ready and started to growl.

“Lightning!” He shouted as electricity was shot out from his horns, to reveal a small army of Black Dinos charging at them.

“Golem, protect Holly!” Genki shouted, as Golem picked Holly up.

‘Genki…’ Holly thought as she was carried away from the battle. ‘I wish I could do more to help…’ She watched as Genki and Mocchi kicked one of the dinos in the face, but were then smacked down by another one.

“1-2 punch!” Hare shouted as he he continuously puched the dinos knocking them unconscious.

“Cherry Blossom Blizzard!” Mocchi shouted as spun hurling a whirlwind of cherry blossoms at the enemy.

“Blizzard!” Tiger yelled as a storm of ice and snow was shot from his mouth freezing the dinos in their tracks. “Lightning!” he then yelled to finish him off.

Suezo stayed with Golem to protect Holly as he slapped them away with his tongue, as Golem swatted them away with his huge arms.

Genki hurled himself at the leader intending a powerful kick to his face, but the black Dino saw it coming and grabbed his leg. The next thing he knew, Genki was flung away into the nearby lake.

“GENKI!” Holly screamed as she escaped Golem’s hand and ran to the boy. She was almost there, until a dino smacked her away. Holly quickly sat up and stared up in shock. The dino smiled and brought a claw down on her. She closed her eyes, but then quicklye heard a yelp of pain. She opened her eyes and saw her dagger had blood on it.

“Lightning!” Tiger shoted turning the dino into a lost disk. Holly was still shocked, until Tiger talked to her. “Holly, go see how Genki is doing.” That woke her up as she ran to Genki. He was out of the lake shivering and coughing.

“Genki, are you alright?” Holly asked as she put a hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” he said weakly. He looked up to see that the monsters were finished with the baddies. It was now dark, and it started to rain.

“Geez, what happened with the sunny day we had?” Suezo mumbled as he hopped up to Holly.

“We better find some shelter.” Hare stated as he scanned around. Suezo, having the best sight of them all, spotted a cave nearby.

“Come on guys, I see a cave. It‘s close, over there.” Suezo pointed so the others could see it.

“Come on, let’s go!” Genki said as he raced there, quickly followed by the others. When they made it to the cave, everyone was plain exhausted, even Genki. He looked a little flushed, and was panting for air. “Genki? Are you alright?” Genki turned to Holly. “Yeah, I’m fine. Why?”

“You look like you might be catching something.” Holly said as she started with dinner. The monsters took notice of this and looked at them. “Really guys! I’m fine.” Genki said as he set up his bed. “I’m just tired. I’m going to bed now.” They all looked surprised by this.

“Okay Genki. But if you get hungry, just say so.” Holly said frowning at him a little. He nodded, got into bed and was soon fast asleep.

The next day, Holly woke up to see Genki still sleeping and the others just waking up. This surprised Holly even more then the previous night. She got up and shook Genki a little. “Genki, it’s time to wake up.” she said gently as Genki moaned and rolled over a little. Genki slowly woke up and sat up. Holly then put her hand on his forehead, as Genki seemed unaffected by it and was still a little sleepy. Holly gasped a little and shook her head. ‘He has a fever. It must have been when that dino threw him into the lake. Poor Genki.’ Holly thought as she got a cloth and wet it with some cold water.

“What’s wrong Holly?” Suezo asked as he hopped up to her.

“Genki’s sick.” Holly said as she went back, laid him down and put the cloth on his head. “He has a fever.”

“Maybe we should just rest here until he’s better. It’ll be nice to have the day off.” Hare said as he looked at Genki.

“I’m fine.” He mumbled and started to get up, but was held down by Holly.

“No you’re not. You’re sick and you’re resting today. If you fight the baddies in this condition, you’ll lose.” She said sternly.

“They can’t beat me, I’m the Monster Champ.” He said as he smiled. Holly smiled back. “Well, even you need to rest when you’re sick.” Too tired to argue, Genki nodded and then drifted off to sleep. Holly smiled and turned to face the other monsters. She sweat dropped when she saw the smirks on their faces and she knew what she was thinking.


The others just grinned at her. Holly blushed and ushered them out. “Go find us some food! And some firewood. And be careful.” She said as she pushed them out of the temporary home. They just snickered as they walked away, but Holly let them slide.

“Let’s just leave them alone for a little bit.” Hare said as they walked off.

Holly didn’t hear that much to Hare’s relief. She turned back to Genki and changed the cloth on his head. Holly stared at the boy. The boy who always cheered her up and kept her happy through these bad times. The one from another world who was here to help her on this quest. The one that she truly and deeply loved. Holly sighed as she checked his temperature. “Oh no, I think his temperature is raising.” She went to get something cool but then heard Genki moan a little. She automatically ran back to him as he opened cloudy, fevered eyes.

“Genki, you’re awake. Are you feeling better?” Holly asked gently asked. Genki just stared at her, trying to register it in his mind. He looked very confused.

“Are you alright Genki?” Holly asked concerned. He looked confused.

“Who… are you?” he asked quietly. Holly looked at him shocked. Did he lose his memory? No it must have been from the fever. He was delusional. As Holly was thinking this, Genki just continued to stare at her dully. His cheeks were even more flushed and he was slightly panting. Holly then remembered and turned her attention to Genki again.

“Genki, I am Holly. Do you remember me?” She asked with slight fear in her voice. “Ho-Holly?” he whispered as he started to get sleepy again, eyes fluttering closed. He started at her one last time, “You’re pretty…” he said before he fell back to sleep. Holly instantly blushed really hard and fell over backwards from her kneeling position.

Genki laid there peacefully in slumber as Holly was bothered with billions of questions on what Genki had just said. Holly couldn’t get it out of her head and just sat there blushing.

Chapter 2

The others soon returned and Holly started to make dinner. Tiger and Hare were arguing with each other as Golem tried to calm them down. Suezo watched in amusement and Mochi sat by Genki’s side as he slept. Holly continued to glance back at the boy every once in a while. Genki then slowly opened his eyes and turned his head toward Mochi.

“Chi! Genki better chi?” Mochi asked as he leaned forward in Genki’s face. Genki just blinked and stared blankly at him. “Chi…” Mochi sighed as his friend wasn’t answering.

“Wh-” Mochi’s head snapped up. “Where’s Holly?” Mochi smiled and pointed over to her. “Holly’s over here chi! Holly chi! Genki’s awake!” Mochi said excitedly. Holly turned and walked toward them and kneeled in front of Genki.

“Hello Genki. Are you feeling better?” Holly asked placing a hand on his forehead. He slightly nodded and sat up. “Let’s go eat, dinner is ready.” She helped him stand and they walked over to each other. The others grinned at them and Holly knew what they were thinking. “Guys!!!” They snickered.

They soon started eating and talking as soon as they sat down and they all soon finished. Genki, his head nodding downward, was obviously very sleepy. The monsters just smiled at them and Holly began to get annoyed. “Guys! Seriously stop it! There’s nothing going on between us-” That’s when Genki’s head fell onto Holly’s shoulder, him going to a wonderful sleep. Holly blushed and looked at Genki. The others just grined more and Holly blushed a lot more. She tried nudging Genki.

“G-Genki? Wake up… you have to fall asleep in bed…” she murmured to him as she tapped him on his shoulder. The end result? He snuggled closer to her, making her as red as a tomato. The others just laughed and Holly glared at them all. They soon tucked themselves into bed as Holly went to check up on Genki one last time for the night. Genki laid peacefully in bed as Holly approached him. She stared down at him. It was odd seeing him so calm. He looked… mature. What an odd thing to say.

“Holly?” his voice said tiredly. Holly jumped a little, since she didn’t notice Genki was awake now. He was looking at her confused, as Holly calmed down.

“I just wanted to make sure you were alright. How are you feeling?” she asked gently as she brushed away the hair in his face.

“Pretty good.” he said quietly. Holly smiled. “Okay. Good night Genki.” She was about to get up until Genki clasped her sleeve. “Can I… have a good night’s kiss?” he asked. Holly blushed and Genki looked like he was too, but it was probably the fever. (me: lol. Yeah right.) “Yeah, sure.” She knelt down and kissed him on the forehead. Genki sighed and still held on. “Don’t you want one back?” he asked innocently. Holly blushed but then got into it when Genki kissed her on the lips. They then broke apart. “Good night Holly, love you.” he said as he fell asleep on her again. Holly was too shocked to say anything. All she could do was wrap the blanket around both of them. “It’s just the fever, it’s just the fever, it’s just the fever.”

“Come on guys! Let’s go!” Genki shouted as he ran off.

“Genki, wait up! We’re not ready yet!” Holly shouted as she was packing. Genki just sighed and stayed there. “You can believe it was just the fever Holly. You just keep telling yourself that.”