"The Final Battle! A Reason For Life!" By:CP

This was it. Everyone was standing infront of Moo, including the now good Gray Wolf who grinned at his brother. Moo stood infront of his frozen ancient body, laughing.

"All I need to do is to touch my body...then I will kill you all," he said.

"Father..," Holly murmured.

"I WON'T LET YOU!" Gray Wolf roared.

"BLIZZARD!!!!" Tiger and Gray Wolf exclaimed.

A cold blast of snow and ice hit Moo, sending him back into his body. He laughed as Tiger and Gray Wolf sweated in fear.

"YESSSS!!" Moo laughed as he transformed into his old body. Suddenly, Holly's father body seeped out of Moo's belly, attached to it unconscious.

"DDDAAADDDYYYY!!!" Holly screamed.

Her father opened his eyes which were a deep shade of red. "Hahahahaa.. Now we will kill you all.."

Holly clutched the Mystery disk they just found close to her, eyes wavering in fear. "Father..no....."

Moo roared and stepped forward, shaking the ground violently. Genki gulped, but rubbed his nose with a grin. Suezo hid behind Golem who only stared hard at Moo.

"Death Wing!" Holly's father exclaimed as Moo blasted towards them.

"RUN!!" Tiger exclaimed as everyone ran from the huge blast.

The shockwave of the large beam sent them flying forward a few feet before landing hard in the snow. Holly looked up dizzily as Genki landed next to her, head cut and bleeding.

"Genki!" Holly gasped.

Genki wiped the blood away and them touched her head. She blinked as he pulled back his hand..covered in blood. Holly gasped, touching her own head, which was bleeding.

"Genki, we can't beat him!" Holly cried, wiping the blood away from her and Genki's head with her cloth. "I hate him...."

Genki nodded, "I hate him too, but I know we can beat him! I know it!" He got up, grinning. "Hey MOO! Is that all you got?! I'm the monster champ! You can't beat me!"

Holly's Mystery Disk started to glow gold as she stood up with the others.

"Yeah!" Tiger agreed. "BRING IT ON!!!" He rushed toward Moo. "COLD BULLET!! RRAARRR!!!"

The bullet scrapped Moo's small wing as he reared back in pain. Holly's father started to laugh as Moo swiped at Tiger who dodged quickly.

"I feed on hate, daughter!" Holly's father laughed. "YOUR hate!"

Holly gasped as her dagger sprout out electricity, electrocuting her as she screamed.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!!!" Gray Wolf screamed as Holly fell to the snow, flinching in agony.

Moo started to glow red as his power grew. Holly's father laughed magically.

"YES! MORE HATE..MORE POWER!!!" he screamed.

Holly tore off the dagger and placed it by her.

"MMOOOCCHHIIIIIIII!!!" Mocchi exclaimed as he charged for a Mocchi Cannon.

Suddenly, a large wave of pink energy sprout out of his mouth at Moo's face. Moo's face snapped backwards, mouth bleeding, one eye totally melted.

"Damn you," Holly's father hissed.

Moo roared as swiped at Mocchi. Holly gasped as his mighty claw rushed towards to tired Mocchi.

"MMOOOCCCHIIII!!" Holly screamed, leaping in the way of the claw.

Moo's claw smacked her, sending her flaying back about a mile until she skidded to a halt into a large snow cliff. Her body fell slid limp as she smiled.


Holly coughed up some blood as Mocchi looked by him, seeing the Mystery Disk glowing a brighter gold color. Mocchi gasped as Suezo and Golem ran past him. He gulped, realizing how Holly nobly sacrificed herself for his sake.

"Holly!!" Golem exclaimed, skidding to a halt with Suezo by her side.

"Minna...arigatou..," Holly murmured. She clenched her teeth as she murmured some scrambled Japanese from her pain.

"Holly...," Suezo sobbed as Genki rushed over, ignoring Moo's laughter.

Holly looked at Genki with a small smile. The way she was laying was impossible for bones to twist. Genki instantly realized her whole spine was cracked along with her others bones.

"Holly..you'll be okay..," Genki sobbed, shaking away some tears as her blood ran under their feet. "I swear it.."

Holly shook her head, "No..it's better this way...Moo..cannot...get...st...stronger from...my..haattee...." She could hardly gasp her words out. "Everyone...I..love you...all...good...bye...my...friends..."

Everyone sobbed as her eyes closed..forever. Genki shook her stubbornly, his eyes streaming with tears. "NO!! HOLLY!!! YOU CAN'T DIE!! IT CAN'T END THIS WAY!!! HOLLY! HOLLY!!" he sobbed and placed her down. "Dammit..Holly.." He covered his face with his arm. "Why did..you do it? Why?!" Suezo looked down, his eye filled with tears. Golem, crying, started to dig a deep hole. "Holly...if Mocchi died... The Phoenix could've revived him.." He picked up her head, bleeding badly, her face still twisted in unbearable pain. "But.....OH GOD HOLLY!!!" Golem finally picked her up and placed her in the ground, covering the snow back up like a grave. The monsters bowed in prayer, tears streaming down their faces. Genki sobbed some more, before looking up in rage.


Moo flinched as Genki started to glow gold with the mystery disk as he screamed in rage and pain.

"What the hell?!" Pixie gasped as she and Big Blue made their way up to the battle. She frowned. "Hold on, Genki! I'm gonna keep that promise!"

Moo gasped as the Mystery Disk burst with light. The Phoenix filled the sky, screeching a battle cry. Genki held up his arm, eyes glowing gold as the Phoenix swooped down and picked him up. Suddenly, he transformed into a gold armor, awaiting Moo's next move.

"Oh, the Phoenix," Holly's father chuckled.

Moo's eye snapped and the eight monsters were lifted into the air. Genki gasped as the Phoenix swooped down at Moo. Holly's father pointed up and the eight monsters exploded..landing on the ground as Lost Disks.

"NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Genki screamed as the Phoenix sweated, rearing back in shock in mid-flight.

Genki remembered Holly, who saved Mocchi's life. He remembered all the times him and her were together, from the first time they met until the time of her last words as her soft brown eyes watered and wavered. Those eyes..how he loved gazing into them when she was happy. He missed her laugh already when he made a joke or when Tiger murmured a sarcastic comment.

"Her..life was wasted," Genki sobbed. "WASTED!!!!!!!"

The Phoenix glowed brighter and screeched, zooming down towards Moo. Moo roared as the Phoenix burned him with it's fire. Genki leaped off the Phoenix onto the ground in front of Moo. The Phoenix transformed into a Fire Sword in Genki's hands as it glowed bright red.

"It ends here...MOO!" Genki exclaimed. He held his sword forward bravely.

Moo snarled and blasted out a large, black energy wave. Genki blocked it with his sword, skidding back a little as the sword glowed brightly.

[Genki....] Tiger's voice echoed in his head. [We'll always be with you..]

Genki looked back and gasped. The ghosts of his eight monsters and Holly stood in back of him. Mocchi nodded as Holly's hair blew in the cold arctic wind, just like it did minutes before.

[Genki...] her voice echoed, but her lips didn't move. Her face was planted in a stern and determined matter.

"Everyone..," Genki said as his eyes teared. "Please...I need your help..just one more time, my friends.."

They stepped forward with small smiles and placed their paws and hands on him, glowing gold.

"Genki...concentrate on only your powers," Holly told him sternly.

"You can do it, kid," Tiger said. "I know you can.."

"Go Genki, Chi!" Mocchi agreed.

Holly's eyes wavered and teared as Genki moved his sword up, fighting Moo's beam.


Suddenly, Pixie and Big Blue rushed up to Moo and weakened him more my hitting him with their most powerful attacks.

"TORNADO ATTACK!!" Big Blue exclaimed, tornadoing Moo who roared in pain.

"SONIC BEAM!!" Pixie exclaimed, blasting Moo with all her might.

Genki smiled as Pixie smiled at him, giving him a playful wink. Moo lost his concentration on his energy blast and Genki reflected it, sending it right through Moo. Moo roared in pain as he fell to the floor..dead. Holly's father rolled out away from Moo, breathing hard. Genki no longer felt the gentle touch of his friends as he kneeled down and cried. Suddenly, all the Lost Disks in the world started to revive...

"Hiya, Genki!" Hare laughed. Genki looked up and smiled, seeing all his eight monster friends and Pixie with Big Blue, looking down at him. "Great job! HAHAHAHAAA!"

Suezo gasped and looked back at Holly's grave which remained silent and still.

"Holly-chan...," he sobbed.

Pixie and Big Blue instantly knew what he meant and their eyes wavered with sympathy. Their Moo symbol disappeared and all the badies turned into goodies.

"Genki..I'm so sorry," Big Blue said. "She was a good girl.."

Genki nodded and looked down at his sword as Mocchi hopped on to his back. "Chi.."

Suddenly, the Phoenix transformed back, glowing gold.

"Genki..," it spoke to him. "Before I leave this world, I will grant you a wish..."

Genki looked at the Phoenix, then at Holly's grave. "Hold on.." He rushed towards the grave, running through the wind and snow as his armor clanked.

He fell to his knees by her grave and dug desperately. Finally, he reached her half frozen and dead body, lifting her up gently. The Phoenix smiled, knowing what he wanted.

"Genki. I will bring this girl back to life," the Phoenix said. Everyone cheered as tears flowed down Genki's cheeks as he nuzzled Holly's limp head. "But I cannot heal all her wounds. Some of her bones will still be broken...and she'll still be cold. Take good care of her, everyone."

"Thank you, we will!" Suezo sobbed happily.

"Arigatou, Phoenix," Gary Wolf sniffed.

The Phoenix glowed in sync with Holly, then as Holly healed, her bones reconnecting and her blood gone. She let out a faint breath as she shivered.

"G_Genki...it's..so...cold...," she whispered in deep pain.

Genki sobbed and held her closer. "It'll be okay, Holly.."

The Phoenix smiled, then flew away. Suddenly, Falcon and his other Dragons landed next to them.

"Hey kid! All the badies are suddenly good guys..and all the Lost Disks revived!" Falcon laughed. "I knew you all could do it!" Genki laughed as he wrapped Holly in his long, red cape. "Need a lift?"


Holly finally awoke in a warm bed. She shivered, still cold from her shock as pain rolled up from her arm.

"Hello Holly," a warm and familiar voice said.

She looked up to see Lily standing next to her with Pixie. Lily wiped her bangs away from her forehead gently as Holly's eyes grew heavier. She was so confused...

"My daughter..," her father sighed as he stood in back of her. "I'm so sorry.."

Holly looked up at him, "No matter...what..I try..to..think..I..cannot...hate...you..fatheerrr...." She closed her eyes as her head lolled sideways, fast asleep.

Her father's eyes teared, "Holly.."


Genki sat in Matthew and Lily's barn, petting the older Spot Dino on the head as the others laid next to him, asleep. Genki got up to check up on Holly, she was out for a week, missing all the victory feasts and honorings the towns invited them to. He never forgot to mention her name in his victory speech, because without her, they would've never made it so far.

Matthew stopped him from entering Holly's room, "Hello there, Genki. Pixie and Lily are treating her again with her father."

Pixie suddenly stepped out, and looked at Genki. "She woke up seconds ago." She sighed and smiled when Genki grinned, eyes growing bright. "But she fell back to sleep soon after. Lily thinks she'll be fine in a couple of days."

Genki nodded, "Thank you, Pixie."

Pixie nodded and walked past him to join Big Blue in the barn. Genki opened the door quietly, greeted by Lily's smile.

"Try to be quiet," Lily said as she got up to walk out. "She needs her sleep."

She walked out, leaving him and Holly's dad behind to watch over Holly. Genki walked up to the sleeping Holly, head wrapped in a bandage with her broken arm in a splint. Her brow flinched in pain as Genki looked up at her father.

"Do you really love her?" Genki asked.

His question was answered when he discovered..he was crying.


The next day..

Genki was fast asleep in a chair next to Holly. Her father left to find a house for them to live in and to get some more medicine for her. He awoke to see Holly still fast asleep, breathing softly.

"Get well soon, Holly," he whispered.

Her brow flinched as she let out a moan, "Geeennkiiiiiiiiii............"

He tried to shush her back to sleep, but her large eyes opened.

"Genki....," she murmured again, eyes wavering. "Thank you..... For..bringing..back my father...for...bringing..back..my..friends..." She squeezed her eyes shut. "What will...you..do now?"

Genki shushed her, "I'm going to meet a scientist today. He says he has something for me. Just rest, you feel so cold." He touched her frozen cheek as she blinked tiredly, eyes half way closed in pain.

"It's...no...big deal...," she whispered.

Genki walked into a closet and got a heavier blanket from the top. He walked back and covered Holly with it warmly. She couldn't help but smile.

"Arigatou...," she whispered, then fell asleep slowly.

Genki stroked her cheek, then walked out to get Mocchi to go to the scientist's lab.


"Where's he going?" Suezo asked Pixie as they watched Genki walk away with Mocchi and Golem by their side.

"Some guy said he has something for him," Pixie replied. She walked back to the house with Suezo. "You going to check on Holly?"

Suezo nodded, "Yeah. Is she okay?"

Pixie nodded, "She's fine, just tired."

Suezo looked at Pixie was frowned suddenly. "What's..the matter?"

Pixie chuckled with a smile, shaking her head. "I just wished I had a master like her when I was young. I was all alone.." She looked down. "Big Blue was the one who found me and introduced me to Moo. That's why we're close friends."

Suezo looked sympathetic. "I'm sorry..."

Pixie shook her head, "That's all iin the past."

"Yeah!" Suezo laughed. "Like we all learned..just laugh it off! HAHAAAAHAAA!" Suezo looked down. "Genki...will want to go home now.."

Pixie flinched, then looked into the sky. "Genki.."


[Genki..] Holly's thoughts rang. She opened her eyes, greeted by a darkness. Holly looked around, she was standing in darkness, alone.

"Genki?! Suezo?! Tiger?!" she called out.

Suddenly, an older man appeared in front of her, looking oddly familiar.

"Genki?!" she gasped, voice echoing in the nothingness.

Genki blinked, holding up her Magic Stone in his hand. "I'm sorry, Holly. I am not Genki anymore." He disappeared, her stone falling to the ground.

Holly tried to rush forward, but something held her back. She could only watch as her stone smashed into pieces on to the ground. Holly screamed as the world suddenly turned bright.


"HOLLY!" Suezo's voice rang.

Holly opened her eyes quickly, feeling her heart beating 100x faster. Suezo looked down at her in concern.

"Are you okay?" Suezo asked.

Holly quickly reached down her shirt, checking for the Magic Stone. It wasn't there.

"Suezo?! The Magic Stone!" Holly gasped.

Suezo grinned and opened his "backpack" around his neck. "Right in here!"

Holly sighed in relief as the Magic Stone shone in the light. She laid back as Suezo frowned in concern.

"Are you okay?" Suezo asked.

Holly nodded, "I_I think so.." She shook the feeling of fear away. "Yes."

Suezo frowned, looking out the window. "I can't believe it's all over.."

Holly nodded, then sat up a little. "Suezo..do you think we can ask Falcon for a ride back to our village?" Suezo blinked. "All the Lost Disks there must be revived by now!"

Suezo grinned, "Great idea!"


Genki, one day later, walked back with a remote in his hand, looking at it sadly.

"Genki, hey!" Pixie called, flapping towards him.

"CHIII! CHHIII!" Mocchi exclaimed, leaping into Genki's arms.

Genki smiled weakly as Pixie landed infront of him. "Hi you guys.."

Pixie blinked, "What's the matter?"

Genki held out his remote. "This."


Falcon smiled warmly at Holly who limped out to him. "Hey Miss Holly! You okay? We were all worried about you!"

Holly nodded, "I'm fine, thank you, Falcon."

Holly, Suezo with everyone else but Genki, Mocchi and Pixie greeted Falcon in the backyard. Soon, his other army of Dragons landed by him.

Lily gave Holly a blanket, "Here you go, if you get cold on your way there, just use this."

Holly bowed, "Thank you." She took it from Lily and turned to the others. "What will all of you do now?"

Tiger looked at Gray Wolf who smiled and nodded. Tiger turned back to Holly with a smile, "We're going wherever you're going."

Golem nodded with Hare.

Hare bowed playfully, "You are our master! HAHAHAHAAA!!"

Suezo grinned, closing his eye, "We're going to Coltia's village! It's really peaceful and everyone there knows us anyways!"

Gray Wolf smiled, "If it has plenty of open space of field and forests, I'm there!"

Tiger nodded.

"HAHA! There's lots of it!" Suezo laughed. "But beware of Achika she has a..."

Holly looked at Big Blue as Suezo told about Achika, Coltia's Vixen. "Big Blue?"

Big Blue looked down at Holly, "I have to speak with Master Pixie about what she wishes to do."

Suezo stepped forward, "But Big Blue, you're free. You don't have to follow Pixie anymore."

Big Blue looked at Holly with a sad face on. Holly nodded and smiled.

"I understand, Big Blue. Don't listen to them, listen to you," Holly said gently.

"Hiya everyone..," Genki sighed.

"Hey! Genki!" Hare exclaimed as everyone turned.

Genki looked down with Pixie and Mocchi. Everyone's expression turned sad.

"Genki... I guess, this is good-bye," Hare said sadly. "That device.."

Genki nodded as Holly's eyes wavered. "Genki.."

He tried to smile, but tears ran down his eyes. "The..guy said that I can use this to come back and forth, but he's not sure it'll work more than once.. This may only take me back home."

Tiger frowned, "Genki.."

Mocchi cried, "WWWAAAHHH! CHII!"

Genki rubbed his nose, "Hey, one day I'll try to visit! I promise!"

Pixie smiled, eyes wavering trying to keep back the tears, "Genki.. You taught us all alot. Without you, none of us would've met."

Holly nodded, "Thank you, Genki. You helped me feel alive again."

Genki nodded and smiled, pressing the button. Suddenly, everyone surrounded him and gave him one last hug with tears. Suddenly, a portal opened and glowed brightly.

"Our hearts will always be together!" he exclaimed, tears running down his face. "I will return!"

He leaped in as everyone said their good-byes. Holly clutched her father's dagger by her heart, eyes sad. Her father stood behind her. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss on her head. She looked up at him and smiled warmly. Falcon smiled too with everyone else. Their heads turned to the sun setting over the mountains, turning the sky orange--

Like the boy with the clear eyes' hat..

EPILOGUE: 11 years later..

"Oh, Miss Holly! Miss Holly!" a childish voice exclaimed in the small village.

Coltia ran up to a house with a large barn next door on a hill over her village. She knocked on the door a million times, soon greeted by the older Holly.

"Good morning, Coltia-chan!" Holly greeted, rubbing an eye lazily.

"Oh Miss Holly! Tell the others! You wouldn't believe who's here!!" she screeched in excitement, jumping up and down.

Holly dragged her sleepy looking father outside and then rushed to the huge barn, swinging open the doors. The eight monsters; Mocchi, Suezo, Golem, Tiger, Hare, Gray Wolf, Big Blue and Pixie looked up lazily.

"What is it, Holly?" Suezo asked.

Holly pointed to the town, "Coltia-chan says we have a visitor."

Pixie looked at Big Blue then at the others. With an instant, everyone, including Yosho and Coltia were rushing down the hill to the town square. They all stopped dead in their tracks as an older looking Genki greeted them with suitcases and bags. Holly's eyes teared as she smiled with the others, all a little teary.

"Genki-san!" Holly exclaimed, leaping into his open arms.

Everyone else ran up to him, crying and laughing.

"I'm home," Genki said, stroking Holly's hair. "I'm finally home.."

The End