"Have Your Cake..." By: Sailor Anime and Sailor Magna

She looked in to his eyes and smiled

"I do"

With the power vested in me by the Phoenix


Everyone looks at the Phoenix who is perched on Moo's shoulder.

"And Moo"

They all look at Moo.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife ,you may now kiss the bride." Holly looks at Genki and smiles as everyone cheers while Pixie flaps up and kisses Big Blue.

"They make a cute couple."smiles Undine, sitting on Golem's shoulder.

Hare leans on tiger, "Betcha they'll have a daughter"

"All you think about is money and how to make more of it," chuckles Tiger.

"A man must provide for his family" Hare indicates his wife and kids.

"Think about it you may become a family man yourself one day," laughs Alan.

"What?" snarls Tiger.

Genki turns and chuckles at Tiger's red face Moochi is having to much fun dancing to stop Tiger ,Hare and Alan from arguing. Everyone turns and watches as Big Blue and Pixie prepare to cream each other with the cake ,but they turn and smash cake into the faces of the maid the of honor and the best man. Genki and Holly. Centaur starts laughing untill Mocchi creams him with some cake. Suezo manages to dodge the flying food untill Ducken throws him into the rest of the cake.

"Look,"shouts Falcon, as the cake tips sideways.

The Phoenix tries to flap away but can't because Genki grabs his tail and ties it to Suezo Genki then grabs his rollorblades and grabs Holly and slides out of the room as the cake hits everyone..

"Genki!" yells Pixie.

Genki is to busy kissing Holly to listen. Pixie throws her flowers as everyone else starts laughing. Holly puts out her hand and catches the bouquet.

The end