"We Need Money! Holly's Wedding Day?!" By: CP and Sailor Mist

Note: We each did one paragraph. Here it is. After hours of emailing back and forth, arguing about what should happen and threats, we did it. I started it off, and you'll know when it was sailor Mist's turn, (everyone is out of character!!) Yes, this is a spoof of a Slayers episode, but it's still funny as heck! ^_^;

Takes place after "Hare's Trick"

*=my part

&=Sailor Mist's part

*Mocchi sweated as they walked on in the seemingly endless forest.

"Mocchi hungry...," Mocchi complained. "Chi..."

Genki frowned as his stomach growled in complaint. "Yeah, me too. Hey Holly, do we have anymore food?"

Holly shook her head, "Food goes by quicker, now that we have seven of us."

Tiger frowned, "Well, SOMEONE eats like a pig."

Hare glared at Tiger, a vein on his head, "Are you talking to me?!"

Tiger got into Hare's face, "YOU BET!!"

They growled at each other as Holly sweated and walked on with Golem. Suddenly, a tired, weak hand stretched out and caught Holly's leg.

"Waaah--!" Holly screamed as she fell to the floor.

"Holly?!" Tiger gasped, rushing to her with Hare.

Holly looked at the hand which let go. A tired-looking man crawled out of the brush with a white flag in his other hand. His short brown hair was messy and his blue eyes were pleading.

"Please..help..me," he said, looking up at Holly who's face turned blue.

Holly rushed backwards behind Golem, sweating with her face blue. "GET AWAY!!!"

Genki blinked, "Holly?"

The man crawled to Golem who picked him up.

"Holly?" Golem asked, holding the man in front of a scared Holly.

&"GET HIM AWAY FROM MEEEE!!!" Holly cried, running over to a tree, ducking behind it.

The man's eyes turned large as huge streams of tears ran from his eyes. The others sweated as Holly shivered behind the tree. Suddenly, her Magic Stone glowed as she looked down at it, then at the man.

[He..he..has a spell on him...?] Holly wondered.

Slowly, as if he was a timebomb ready to explode, she crawled towards him. Everytime he blinked, she ducked behind a tree.

Hare looked at Genki, "See kid? You never what kind of mental problem someone could have until they are cornered.."

"SHUT UP HARE!!" Suezo boomed, a vein bursting onto his head.

*Finally, Holly held up her magic Stone in front of the man and he started to glow. He blinked as Holly breathed a sigh of relief.

"W_what happened?" the man asked, blinking.

Holly smiled, "My Magic Stone started to glow, and I knew you had a spell on you. A powerful one--to drive away women!"

Genki blinked, "Wow..."

The man looked down, "No wonder..."

Soon, they sat around a small fire..

"My name is Garieth Googooplex," the man sighed, looking into the fire.

"So, the little rich boy from the highlands," Tiger said. "Why did you have that spell on you?"

Garieth sighed, "Lady Bakayo did it. She wants me to marry he last daughter off."

&"Her..last?" Genki asked.

Holly turned to Genki from her tea, "Lady Bakayo is an evil sorceress who sets her daughters up with rich men so she can gain more power."

Genki blinked, "Uh..exactly how many daughters does she have, Holly..?"

"Twelve," Holly replied, taking a long sip of tea.

"WAAHHH???!!" Genki and Mocchi exclaimed.

Hare nodded, crossing his arms, "I see, I see. So you didn't want to marry her, am I correct?"

"Right, so she made a deal with me. She said if I could find another woman to marry, I didn't have to marry her daughter," Garieth said.

"So the evil witch slapped an Anti-women spell on ya, huh?" Suezo asked.

Garieth nodded and gladly took some soup from Genki, "Thank you. But, I have finally found a girl I can marry..."

Everyone looked at him. "Huh? Who?"

Garieth stood up, tears sprouting out of his eyes, "It is...." He zipped up to Holly who spilt her tea on the ground in surprise. "You Miss Holly!"

He laughed as everyone else but Holly sweated. Holly's eyes teared as she looked down at her spilt tea. "The..last..of..the..teeaaa...."

Suezo sweated as a vein slowly formed on Holly's head.


"Oooh," Garieth gagged as Holly put the fire out with his head, eyes tearing. He got up and frantically tried to cool off his hot and burnt face with his hands. "Miss Holly! YOU were the only girl who saw the evil on me! I must! I must!"

*Holly turned away, picking up the tea cup with a sweat. "But I'm only a teen. I can't get married in the middle of our journey.. Not to mention in the middle of my growing stage.."

Garieth smiled, "We'll put on a fake wedding so we can drive Lady Bakayo out! What do you say?!"

Tiger closed his eyes, head resting on his paws. "It can't hurt." Holly head filled with sweats. "If it's only for show.."

"Yeah! This will be fun!" Genki exclaimed.

A stream of tears flowed from under her eyes, "Maybe for you....!"

Hare nodded, "I agree. We'll only waste time! Just run away, kid."

Garieth suddenly spoke up, "I'll give you all 5,000 golds!"

Hare's ears perked up, "F_f_five...thousand?"

"Okay! 100,000!" Garieth said with a wink.

Even the annoyed Holly couldn't pass up a rare opportunity like that! "Oh...What the heck.. If it's only for show.."

Mocchi leaped into the air, "Yeay! Chi! Chiii!"

Garieth couldn't help but dance too, "Oh thank you Miss Holly!"

Hare's eyes were replaced with gold coins, "We're gonna be FILTHY RICH!! HAHAHAHAAAA!!"

Later, at Garieth's mansion...

"Mother," a blue haired woman with matching green, evil-like eyes. "When will dear Garieth be back?"

A small clank was heard as the girl's mother-Lady Bakayo with short green hair and an old, twisted, evil face put her tea cup back on the small plate. "He won't get too far, he'll be back."

"I'm home!" Garieth's timid voice called.

&Lady Bakayo and her daughter looked to the large, white door in the lounge they sat in to see Garieth peek in.

"Well, well, well, Lord Garieth," Lady Bakayo chuckled. "It's been awhile. Have you found someone?"

Garieth smiled and disappeared outside. "Come on in."

Lady Bakayo stood up with her daughter in shock as Genki, Mocchi, Tiger, Hare, Golem and Suezo stepped in. The two women sweated.

"Men don't count!!" Lady bakayo raged.

Garieth and the others sweated, "No... Come in, Miss Holly!"

Holly stepped in dressed in a white dress and a clear, white vail with a small flowered hat. She was blushing a little, but stayed calm.

"Lady Bakayo, Miss Saka, this is Holly-chan," Garieth introduced. "Holly-chan, say hello."

Holly made two peace signs on each sides of her head. "HI!! I'm Holly!! And I'm..like..so HAPPY to be here! It's SO kewl to meet you all!!!"

Everyone else sweated--big sweats. Garieth rushed up besides Holly in an instant.

"Miss Holly...what are you dooiiinnggg????" he whispered.

Holly blinked and looked at him, "You said I have to act young and full of life..."

"Not that YOUNG and FULL of life.... OOOOHHHH-KKAAAYYY?????!!!" he whispered harshly with two huge streams of tears flowing down from his shut eyes.

"OOOOOHHH-kay," Holly sighed, looking away.

Lady Bakayo thought. [How...How can she break the spell?!] She walked up to face Holly. "How do you do?" Her eyes snapped as she saw the Magic Stone hanging from her neck. [She has the power of the Magic Stone! Damn!]

Saka whined, "Oh mother...."

Lady Bakayo grinned, "Fine. You win. See you at your wedding, Garieth.. MISS Holly.."

The two witches walked away coldly as Holly peered after them suspiciously. After they were gone, Garieth leaped into the air.

"It worked!!" he laughed.

"MO-CCHI!" Mocchi exclaimed.

Tiger grinned at Holly, "You almost blew it, Miss Holly."

*Holly blushed, looking slightly irritated, "Yeah..."

Outside, Lady Bakayo looked around with Saka. She grinned as a troop of Warriors (Gali/Golem) emerged from the brush surrounding the mansion.

"Moo's rebels, you say?" the Captain asked.

Lady Bakayo nodded, "Yes. The one with the Magic Stone is in there too. Tomorrow, I invite you all to a wedding..."


The next day, Genki and the other boys were dressed in tuxedoes while Garieth was dressed in a white cape and a prince-like white suit. (think Cinderella) They waited infront of a large, brown door patiently. Suezo yawned as Genki scratched his ear. Suddenly, the door opened and a foot in a white high heel stepped out. It was Holly dressed in a beautiful, white wedding gown. She blushed slightly as everyone's mouth hung open.

"Ooohh...," Garieth gasped.

"Holly-chan! You look beautiful!!" Hare gasped. "HAHAHAA!"

She blushed, "Aw, come on you guys.."

&Garieth rushed towards her, eyes wide open, mouth open too in eagerness. "Oh Holly-chan!! Let's REALLY get married!"

Holly sweated as he got closer and closer...

"TORPEDO!!" Tiger exclaimed, frying Garieth who fell to the ground, burnt and tearing.

"Oooh...," he moaned.


Lady Bakayo and Saka welcomed the wedding guests in with cheesy smiles and lies.

"Welcome to Lord Garieth's and Lady Holly's wedding!" Saka greeted a chubby man. "Hey, lose weight, Mr.Jones?"

Lady Bakayo snickered as the Warriors stood at the side of the mansion, waiting for her orders to move in. "Remember the signal.."

Captain Warrior nodded.

*Soon, inside, soft organ music played as Genki and the five monsters waited by the entrance door. The guests whispered of rumors and comments. Lady Bakayo and Saka smiled evilly and looked towards the entrance doors. Suddenly, the doors opened and out stepped Garieth and Holly. Everyone in the room whispered and gleamed at the two. Garieth looked happy, a little too happy as Holly's eyes froze in thought. Suddenly, her foot got caught in her wedding dress.

"Wah--!" Holly gasped, falling towards to floor.

Garieth gasped and caught her in the nick of time. She looked up at his face in shock.

&Garieth's mouth was wide open in happiness as his eyes were huge and wavering.


Garieth was forced back with kick. Everyone sweated as Garieth zipped back next to Holly.

"Holly-chan! You got to play this right!!" he whispered, eyes tearing.

Holly gave him a death look, "Just don't get TOO close, oh-kay??"

Garieth nodded and they both got back up as Lady Bakayo smiled evilly. They reached the old priest as Suezo's eye teared.

"She's growing up..so fast! WWWWWWWWWWAHHHHHH!!" he cried as the others sweated.

*The priest said his words as Holly's eyes peeked back at Lady Bakayo who looked eager to start trouble.

[What is she planning..] Holly thought. [I can see it in her eyes that she has something planned, but..what? Wasn't she a slight bit curious about how someone could break her spell?]

After the ring exchange, the priest announced. "You may now kiss the bride."

Holly sweated as Garieth's eyes gleamed. "Kiss..her?"

&Garieth looked at Holly who gave him a death look. He sweated and turned to the priest.

"Uuuh, why don't we just shake hands?" he asked.

Lady Bakayo grinned and stood up, "Now everyone, the tradition is that they kiss!"

Saka stood up too, waving a finger in the air, zipping back and forth, "That's right!"

The two witches exclaimed at once, "Do it!"

The guests started to cheer too. "Kiss the bride!" "Do it!" "Kiss the lovely lady!"

Holly closed an eye and thought. [Uh-oh. I KNEW this was going to happen! Damn!]

Garieth leaned forward, grabbing her shoulders. "100,000 golds..." Holly's face turned a little blue as he forced up her vail. "Kiiiiissss meeeeee!"

A vein appeared on Suezo and Genki's head.

Holly gasped as he forced his lips against her in a horribly uncomfortable and disgusting kiss. Genki growled with Suezo as he forced her to kiss harder.

"THAT'S ENNOUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!" Genki and Suezo exclaimed, rushing up.


Garieth was thrown back by a combination of Suezo's foot and Genki's fist into the wedding cake. Tiger sweated, then burst out in laughter.

"Thanks you two," Holly said quietly, wiping her mouth with the cloth Suezo gave her. "But..you just blew it.."

*"Everyone! This wedding is a complete FAKE!" Lady bakayo exclaimed, standing up.

"FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAAKE!" Lady Bakayo and Saka sang.

They looked at the laughing witches who suddenly casted a large fireball through the roof. Outside, the Warriors looked up.

"That's the signal! Let's GO!" Captain Warrior exclaimed.

He and his Warriors rushed forward into the mansion where guests were already screaming and running out. Garieth looked up out of the cake to see the Warriors attack.

"TORPEDO!" Tiger exclaimed.

The Warrior he was aiming for dodged it and the Torpedo attack blew a hole through the wall. Garieth fainted back into the cake. Hare punched one Warrior as Mocchi did his Cherry Blossom Blizzard. Holly gasped as the Captain's demon threw a punch at her. She dodged it, holding down her dress with a scream. The Captain threw an Evil Bomb at her so Holly rushed upstairs. The bomb exploded half of the stairs as Holly was thrown forward by the force. She crouched in a corner, dress a little torn as she held her face in her hands.

&"This sucks," Holly commented with a slight grin of uneasiness.

Suddenly, Lady Bakayo appeared infront of her with Saka. "Hello..Miss Holly!"

Holly stood up, "Why have you done this?! Does it really have to be this way?!"

Saka stepped forward, "You and your dumb stone ruined my wedding day!"

Suddenly, "Genki Vase SMASH!" Saka turned to be knocked out by a flying vase. Lady Bakayo and Holly looked back to see Genki and Mocchi grinning.

"You're not getting the Magic Stone!" Genki laughed, rubbing his nose.

"Mocchi!" Mocchi agreed.

"Maybe she won't..," a low voice said. Captain Warrior floated behind Genki and Mocchi. "But I will!"

"GENKI!" Holly screamed. "MOCCHI, LOOK OUT!"

The two looked just in time to be hit downstairs by the Captain's demon.

(*Sailor Mist's note: in the Japanese version of Monster Rancher, the original form, Genki and Mocchi ALWAYS get the crap beaten out of them by the baddies. They cut this out in the English version, but whenever they do, it's horrible!! So sad too with Holly screaming ((in that kawaii Japanese voice! ^.^)) and horribly sad music! The BGM is WAY diff. from our dopey BGM..)

*"GENKI!" Holly screamed, looking downstairs to see Genki and Mocchi laying on the ground.

"Dammit!" Lady Bakayo hissed at the Captain. "You lied! You said I will get the stone!"

The Captain laughed as his demon smacked her downstairs too as she screamed, "Everything is shot to HEEEELLLLLLL!!!!"

Holly rushed passed Cap. Warrior as he looked after her.

"Where do you think you are going?!" he hissed, floating after her.

Holly hid in a room, behind a table. Cap. Warrior looked for her, but didn't see her until.

"HOLLY!" Suezo exclaimed.

To Holly's surprise, Suezo was right next to her.

"Quiet Suezo!" she whispered.

Too late.

&"Found you!" Cap. Warrior exclaimed.

Suezo and Holly held onto each other as Cap. Warrior floated to their faces, kicking down the table with his demon foot. Suddenly, a torpedo blasted him away with a scream. Holly and Suezo smiled and looked up to see Tiger and the others.

"Thanks! Are you okay Genki? Mocchi?" Holly asked.

Genki nodded, "Yeah! But this creep is gonna pay!"

"Chi!" Mocchi agreed.

Captain Warrior got back up, "This is the one called Genki, a little kid?!" He laughed as Genki clenched a fist. "HAHAHA!!!!"

"That's it! ALL ATTACK AT ONCE!!!" Genki exclaimed.

Garieth weakly pulled himself up the stairs and saw everyone charge up their special attacks as Holly ducked behind the table with Golem.

"No-- Wait!! WAAAIITTT!!" he whined, tears flowing down his eyes.






Warrior screamed as the attacks hit him then...


*Moments later, out of the rubble of the mansion, Lady Bakayo shot up, dirty and angry.


"Mother?" Saka's voice asked.

Lady Bakayo looked up to see a dirty Saka with an angry Garieth.

"Mother! We're getting married!" Saka laughed, hugging Garieth.

Lady Bakayo growled, "That's nice. All this HELL for nothing! And YOU have nowhere to live now!!"

"Well, we can stay with you..," Saka said, playing with her fingers.

Lady Bakayo took a large piece of rubble and knocked herself out again.

Meanwhile, the rebels walked away from the rubble with Holly putting back on her vest.

"Well, that was a waste," Tiger sighed.

Holly nodded, taking a long drink of water from a canteen.

"Hey Holly! Now you can tell a story to your kids about your first kiss!" Suezo laughed.

Holly rolled her eyes and wiped her mouth, "It'll give them nightmares!"

Everyone laughed, except for Hare who trudged behind them.

"What's the matter, Hare, Chi?" Mocchi asked.

Hare sighed, then tears flowed out from under his eyes. "Oooohhh! TEN THOUSAND GOLD PIIIEEECCCEEESSSSS??????????!!!!!!!!!!!"

&The End!


Authors' ending notes:

CP: "I think that story was pretty messed up."

Sailor Mist: "I think we're both messed up.."

Both: Sigh..