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Lunar Anime Project!
Please sign it so we can see Lunar as an anime!
The Ghostbusters Fan Forum
the best GB site. period.
without Fade, i would have no pictures.. Best MR site!
The Pokemon Fan Fiction Archives
one of the best places for Pokemon fic!
Slayers Extreme
one of the best Slayers site!
the greatest oneline comics! funny as heck!
Azure Dreams
the best azure dreams site!
the best place to find any anime site!
My Interests
A great anime site! Sailor Mist got her email from there..
Julia_Cat's ReBoot Corner
the best ReBoot site!
Holly-chan's MR World
A great, new site by Holly-chan!
A great anime site! Including tons of Digimon (especially), MR, Sailor Moon, Pokemon and more!
A cool site that gave me an award!
Silver Face's MR Lair
a kewl MR site
Monster Rancher: Evolution
A super neat MR site, mostly MR battle card stuff so far...
Ultimate Anime Gallery
A really extensive (and funny) Rockman Dash site!!! A fellow Tron lover, so be aware Roll fans. =: )