Monster Rancher Specials (Part I)

Produced by Master Gray Wolf.


Genre: General/Humor  (Short stories/readings)


Acknowledgements: These are literary compositions of the characters seen within this series; “Howl of the Gray Wolf” may be included. They will be divided into parts - how many parts are unknown to me, heh. It’ll end when the “Tiger of Freedom” series ends; there is no linear schedule on when the ‘specials’ will be updated: Their arrivals shall be ‘random’. Each part will have three characters (or not, there could be groups)  if you have a request on which characters should appear next time, I’d be happy to ‘hear’ from you via e-mail.


By the way, PLEASE do not copy or steal. It’s a gift to you readers: This is only for your reading entertainment, and it makes up for lack of updating on my series. I’m sorry. Let’s begin, and have fun.


And this may seem long, but this was done in a free morning and was a piece of cake ^^;; ~Sweats~



I. Tiger (Young)

II. Sir Durahan

III. Basilisk



I. Blue Prodigy (Young Tiger)

Perusing my petit body, fur ranging from pristine white to genuine blue. My elder brother nudged me gingerly – I guess I was a cute little fella to him. To think I just came out of a stone disk, you know like emerged. Sometimes I start wondering why? Wondering why? No one would tell me. “That’s how it’s meant to be,” many of my brothers would say, beaming at me as they glare at my so-called cute eyes. My cutesy dark beady eyes illuminated with a spark that emanated hope, or perhaps good luck. The pack found me astounding, like I was really different for a tiger. Their constant kissing made me dizzy from time to time; let me add, with a smile, “very GOOD luck”. Well, at least, not on one night.


Curiosity cursed me since birth…curiosity endangered my brothers and me. My curiosity brought death to us, and even brought a disliking conduct that scooped up and pilfered the contentment from my elder brother Gray Wolf. Evil monsters of Moo attacked our home and pack, and we were distant from the fray and spared. Brother cried, I cried. Perished monster disks were something I fathomed little at my age, since I was newly born to the world. I just knew I wouldn’t see my older brothers again that night, and the falling rain ensured that I felt some slight fault. Was he angry with me? Did I lure the evil monsters to the valley?


I’ve always heard that Moo was a tyrant and a pest. All we wanted was peace. Is that too hard to ask? Since that fateful day, Gray Wolf would only consider his quest for revenge on Moo, and I followed him like the noble brother I am, followed him as he declared war.


I would carry the same grimace throughout the quest, only cuter. I’d smile only within the little peace attained by our battle victories. Revenge? Payback? But why? Of course, we weren’t alone. We had friends, different monsters who despised Moo. I had many battles, I was always confident. While Gray Wolf cared for only his revenge, I cared for his safety.


I was never afraid. I loved my brother, and when it was over, Gray Wolf returned to his old calmed self again. At peace again, he was proud at me: The substitute and memory of Gray Wolf.


I miss him…



II. Apprentice’s Success…part  1? (Sir Durahan)

Ah, ye have past t’test m’dear boy!

Fer sum’one born nay where I know, ye flatter me.

ow determined, ‘ow true, ye really ar’ my son.

Kneel b’fore me and hearken m’ just methods o’ battle anew

Y’on the same road?


With th’ blade ye weild, y’swear? Promise?


Seriously? Okay? On Divinity? YES!

Y’better ye little pup! Dare ‘ave the gumption to turn on dis and yer dead!


Anyways! Listen!

S’vere not the innocence

S’vere not maiden or child

Lust not power

Lust not greed

Lust not yourself.

Get it?



What?! Fergot the rest of it! I did!

Rise up runt! An’ get!

Stay o’yer toes and come a-back ‘live tomorrow.

Celious! SCRAM!








III. “I cannot fade” (Basilisk)

In-cre-du-lous, scene of grayness

Lucent with just flame

Now I walk to, find a new way

Who should I now blame?


Why must it be, only be me?

Why did I survive?

      Walking in vain, talking with hate

      I wish it all were a lie.                 


When, I was young

I could fly, in the sky


      Ecstatic with pride, ecstatic with pride.


      Now, those days feel

      Left and gone, cracked with pain


Alone I do cry, alone I do cry.


Bound by thier words, bound by thier will

My chance will come soon

We stand up to fight, stand with true might

Papa it’s just like with you.


Yes I miss you, loved and hugged you

Sons do that the best

Spite is my force, vengeance my goal

Still not reached yet


Are they true friends?

Do they care, what I be?


So blinded and mad, so blinded and mad


I never wished, to have this ‘curse’

But I have, no more ways


The sunny days died, the sunny days died


Black on my scales, lost in my eyes

Papa when, will I re-vive?

But I have friends, can I get back?

Back to when, I was so kind?


Resilient days, found anew when

I was lost from the start

      With my new friends, a beating occurs

A sound within my heart


Cradle me now

Not you Pa, it is fine


Please show me more light, please show me more light


Perhaps I have hope

To be like when, I was young



Days has gone by

And I do not cry

Life is my way….

I cannot fade