"Reason: Holly's View" By:CP

*Holly's POV*


Of course, everyday, we walk and then get attacked. I watch the fight, sometimes yelling out to the impulsive Genki or any other of my friends. As I watch this fight going on between my friends and a group of Sueki Suezoes, I wonder about why humans and monsters can't live in peace like in my village.

Maybe, I'm a little naive. Monsters are unlocked and controlled by humans, even against their will. Maybe if we humans let them free, so we can live in peace together. For the past few years, I've learned most humans are power hungry, thinking that humans are the top of the charts. I think this is the greatest weakness in humans like myself. It starts when we are little, when parents spoil us and soon, we believe, we can get away with anything. This feeling can stay with us until we die, and finally see why we were born here on Earth.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Even Genki has hints of being self centered, especially when he tells Mocchi, he's HIS monster. He's HIS master. But, are we? God entrusted us with these monsters, but that doesn't mean God brainwashed them to thinking we are the people who control them. Monsters, like humans, do not care who they kill to get their way. Humans, for centuries, has killed his own kind. Monsters have done the same. We are the same kind, maybe a little different in appearances, but in each way of the human and monster mind, we are both self centered. Many years ago, people believed the Earth was the center of the universe, and those who were suggesting that the Sun was the center, they were persecuted by the self centered man.

For years, man has spilt man's blood and monsters have spilt monster's blood. We are the same, yet why do we continue to fight? When I think about, my father, Moo, spilt both human and monster blood for his own purposes. That is why, in the side of my mind, I hate him. I hate him for being so self centered, I hate him because he ruined my life. Yet, I still love the man I use to know. I want him back, and that is why I am so self centered. I want my life to be better while others are still suffering.

The battle is over, and they give a cheer. Genki talks excitedly about the "rush" from the battle. Is that why humans and monsters fight? For the rush? Or for the power?


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