"Tanshin" By: Coltia 3:14.5

OK, I admit it. It's VERY sappy and just plain depressing. Ever since I started to watch MR, I knew Holly was going to be my favorite character, and I was right. By the way, if you want to comment on this (no flames, please!!) email CP because I hate to give out my email and put the subject as "Coltia 3:14.5". Oh yeah, "tanshin", I think it comes close to be translated as "alone" in Japanese.

Arigatou! Ja! ^_^

Part One:

The group were walking down a forest as usual, tired and complaining. Finally, Tiger suggested they camped out in the clearing, so they did. Genki sat down as Holly rolled out her sleeping stuff. His eyes were frozen in thought.

"Genki," Holly said gently. "Hey, what's wrong?"

Genki shook his head, "It's nothing."

Holly decided to leave him alone, because she too liked being alone when something was on her mind.

"Genki! Tell us a story, chi!" Mocchi exclaimed as Hare built a fire.

Genki shook his head, "Aw, I don't feel like it, Mocchi."

"Story! Story! Story!" Mocchi exclaimed, jumping up and down.

A vein appeared on Genki's head, then he screamed, "THERE ONCE WAS A BOY WHO WANTED TO GO HOME!" Mocchi was taken aback, sweating. "But I can't!! I'm stuck here!!!"

"Live with it!" Tiger growled.

"Tiger...!" Holly started.

Tiger snarled, "No.. Every night he complains about how he HAS to stay here all of a sudden!"

"Home sick, chi?" Mocchi asked.

Genki ignored Mocchi's question, "I don't complain!"

Hare grinned, "Yes you do, I hear you too!"

Genki stepped back angrily, "Maybe I'm a little homesick, OK?!"

Golem said, "Or maybe you have given up hope."


With that, Genki ran into the woods as everyone else gasped. "Genki!"

They ran after him, but they couldn't find him.

"Let's split up!" Tiger ordered.

They agreed and split up in different ways as a crash of thunder echoed softly. Holly shook, face twisted in fear as it started to drizzle.

"Genki..?" she called out, voice torn in fear. "Come on..please..let's talk.."

Suddenly, a troop of Ice Jells ripped out of the brush--Moo's badies! Holly screamed as the captain whipped her hard-sending her flying back. They laughed and advanced towards her, grinning in amusement as she curled up in pain.

"Looking for someone?" the captain laughed. "WHIP HER!"

Holly closed her eyes as their arms came down...


Genki curled under a tree, tears streaming down his eyes. Suddenly, he heard laughter and violent whipping sounds. He got up, rain starting to pour down as he ran forward, pausing to listen to the noises come to a stop. Genki then ran into the brush, just in time to collide into some Ice Jells.

"Look who we found for her," the captain laughed, obviously, an inside joke..

Genki growled, "Shut up! What are you up to?!"

"TORPEDO!!" a voice screamed.

The troop was struck by Tiger's torpedo attack as he grinned, watching them scamper away like babies. He turned to Genki who took a step back, eyes angry and afraid.

"Genki..I..," Tiger started, but Genki ran ahead. "GENKI!"

He ran as fast as he could, wipping away his tears stubbornly. He slid on the wet ground and just lied there.

"Tanshin...," a voice voice murmured. "Ta..nshin.."

Genki gasped and looked to see Holly's bleeding body sprawled on the ground, shaking. He gasped her name and crawled over, turning her over to see her eyes closed, flinching in extreme pain.

"Ah...!" she gasped in pain.

Genki put on his rollerblades and scanned the area for a shelter in the storm. He saw a small cave and picked up Holly, skating to the cave.


Genki sat next to Holly, asleep on his sleeping things, head wrapped and face a slight bluish color in pain. He finally got a fire going and looked back at Holly.

"Tanshin...," she whispered, body shaking.

Genki blinked, "Tanshin? Alone?" He crawled over to her. "Do you feel alone, Holly?" Of course, she didn't reply. "Holly..I bet you felt alone for a long time.." That's when he remembered the Ice Jells. "They did this to you!"

He paused, watching her body shake slightly. His hands reached for his blanket he was going to use and placed it on her, but she still shook.

"Holly, what's wrong?" he asked, eyes starting to waver.


Genki burst out in tears.