Prologue: Nightmares

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Prologue: Nightmares

11 years after the defeat of Moo Genki Sakura and Holly Sakura sleep clueless to the evil that stirs deep in the hearts of some...

Wake up boy

Wha? Who are you?

I am the one you thought destroyed by the fire



But how?

This world has been connected


Connected to the darkness

Tell me what you mean!!!!!

You have come this far and yet you still understand nothing


One who knows nothing, can understand nothing

STOP IT!!!!!!!

Genki woke in a cold sweat. "It was just a dream," he muttered "What's the matter Genki?" Holly had woken at the sound of his voice. Genki shook his head. "Nothing... Just go to sleep" After he heard Holly fall asleep, he rose, and decided to find his old companions.

In a small town else were another warrior's dreams are also troubled...

Well, well the little Keyblade master sleeps

Huh? Who said that?

I am the one you thought destroyed by the kingdom




I have risen, little one who locked the Kingdom of Heart

And this time you or the others will not defeat me.

Now sleep knowing your world will once again be swallowed by darkness!!!

You monster!

Yes I am…

Sora woke with a start. He glanced around searching for something unusual. Donald was snoring, and Goofy had his shield over his face. " What a dream" Sora thought. "I've got find out what is going on!" he said as he hefted Ultima Weapon.

Deep in shadow two creatures waited… Both without heart, both without friend, both with a hunger for vengeance...