Part 1

Authors note: This fic takes place when Rini has to go back to the future, and the scouts had just defeted Wise Man. In MR this takes place before Holly is captured by Moo. That means that she doesn't know that he's her father.


The day had finaly come when Rini had to go home. At first she was happy, but the more she thought about it the more she wanted to stay. She kept telling herself that these were the same sailors who are in the future with her, and They will be there when she goes back. An unexpected hand on her shoulder sent goose bumps down her back, and made her flinch

"Hey Rini, you OK?"

"Yeah, Lita, I'm fine."

"Then come on, it's time to say goodbye."

Rini said her separate goodbyes to everyone, and raised her time key high above her head.

"Time key take me...(boom) What was that?"

There was no answer.

Suddenly black energy in forms of rays started to emerge from the top of the key. She could feel it surging through her small body, and pushing her toward the ground. She started to stand up, but only felt herself getting pushed down even harder.

"Guys?!" Rini asked starting to get a little frightend.

She looked behind her to see her friends trapped in a huge ball of blue energy, and not moving. "Now I have you!"

Rini turned her head to where she heard the voice. There, on the middle of the lake, was a shadowy figure. As Rini looked closer she saw something that she hoped she'd never see agian. On the figure's head she saw the upside down creasent moon symbol outlind in silver upon its pitch black forhead.

"But.. But I thought we got rid of the dark moon family." Rini half wispered to the shadow.

"You did."

"Then why are you here?"

"Because it's time to do the job that I was created to do."

The dark shadow lunged toward Rini, but she couldn't move. She tried to jump out of the way, but her little legs wouldn't budge and the black energy kept on pounding her into the ground. She squinted her eyes hoping that her attack wouldn't be too painful, but she suddenly found herself.... Rising above the ground?

"I've got ya Rini!" It was Lita. Rini didn't notice that Lita wasn't in the energy sphere when she looked earlier.

"Hmmmm... So my energy ball missed you? Oh well, you'll die soon enough!"

The shadow raised its black hands above its head where golden energy began to form. The shadow threw the energy so quikly that Lita didn't have time to dodge it.

"Aaaahhhhh!" The energy hit Lita in the side.

"Oh no Lita!"

"I'm fine! Just get out of here."

Lita picked up the time key and pushed it into Rini's small hands. Rini lifted up the time key, and shouted the words that would bring her home. "Time key take me home!"

Golden rayes sorrounded the top of the key, and a portal appeared in the sky. Golden light surrounded Rini, and she started to rise above the ground.

"Oh no you don't!"

The shadow threw an energy blast at the portal trying to close it. Lita saw what it was doing, and ran to go help Rini. As she stood under the golden light she too began to float. She wraped her hands around the time key with Rini, and shouted... "Jupiter power!"

Lita used her power to keep the portal open as the shadow kept on throwing energy blasts in it.

Rini didn't know what to do. She was starting to think that she might not make it home. Even with Lita helping her the portal got smaller and smaller every time an energy blast hit it, now it was only a foot wide! Now she was realy scared. All she could think about was getting home alive. The creasant moon on her forehead appeared, and golden rayes came out of it.

"Oh no! Rini stop! To much energy is going into the....."

Lita didn't have time to finish her sentance. All the energy sent into the portal turned it into a vacume that began to suck Rini and Lita into it.


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Part 2

Authors note: **** means a new sceen, and[] means what someone is thinking.

Lita slowly opened her eyes, and blinked a few times. Her vision was a little blurry, but it cleared up quickly. Looking around she saw that she was in a small bedroom.

"Where am I," she groaned.

She pulled off the checkered quilt she was under, and tried to get up only to find out that she had a major headache. Putting her head in her hands she sat back on the bed, and looked down at the floor to think things over.

As she looked down she saw that her green boots were on the hard wood floor, and that her gloves and tiara were sitting on the night stand beside her bed.

"Oh my god!" She covered her mouth with her hands in surprise.

"This place.... It looks so old fasioned...... All that energy that went into the portal...... I must have..... We must have...... Rini! Where's Rini?"

After thinking about what happened befor she came here, Lita decided that she had gone back in time or another dimention all together. To her that made sense because after all the energy that was thrown into the portal it must have sent it of coarse sending them into a different time or another world.

She tried to stand up again, to look for Rini but this time it was her side that bothered her.

"I guess I lied to Rini when I said that I was fine."

The door suddenley opened and an elderly woman came in with a cup of tea, and a green dress.

"Oh my, you shouldn't be sitting up with such a nasty scrape on your head. Now, I suggest that you take off that....... Outfit, and put this on."

Lita looked down, and realized that she was still in her Sailor Jupiter outfit that was now all torn and dirty. She felt her forhead, and found that she was wearing a bandage.

"Who are you, and where am I?" She asked the lady.

"Oh, I'm sorry, you must be a little frightened being in some room with a stranger. Here," she handed Lita the cup of tea, "drink this. My name is lily, and this is the guest room of my husband and my house."

"Thanks," she took a sip af the tea.

[I must be in another time, or place, because in Tokyo everyone knows about the sailor scouts, but she treats me as if I'm just some stranger.]

"Now, put on this dress, and come down stairs. I have some food for you down there."

Food! She just now noticed that she was starving and ran down the stairs as soon as she was done, forgot all about her injuries...


Holly went to the stream a couple of yards away from the camp. The gang spent the night in a clearing in a forest, and were all just waking up. She took a cloth out of her poket, and dunked it in the water to wash her face with. The cool water felt good on her face, and she started to brush her hair.

**** Back at the clearing Genki and the monsters started to pack up their belongings for the journey ahead. Suddenly something cought Tiger's eye, and he looked up to see what it was.

"Hey guys, look!"

Everyone looked at the sky to see the clouds swirling in a huge circle right above them! The sky started to turn black, and lightning started to crash. Suddenly there was a big flash of white light.


Back at the stream holly put her hair up in her ribbon, and was about to leave when she, too, saw the flash.

The flash was so bright that she had to cover her eyes, and when she opened them she saw a small figure fall from a portal in the sky.

"Ahhh, I've got you!" Holly cought a small girl with pink hair just befor she hit the ground. She was about to ask her where she came from, but then she noticed that she was out cold.

[what strange hair...]


The gang uncovered their eyes to here Holly yell for help. The ran into the area she was in to find her holding a small girl, only about nine.

"Where did she come from?" Genki asked her.

"I don't know she fell from the sky after that big flash."

"Well, I don't think she's from anywhere around here." Hare said.

"why not."

"It's simple Tiger. Have you seen anyone who has hair like that on our journey? Not to mention in that style."

Come to think of it Holly, or the others, had never seen anyone with quite a........ Unique hair style as hers. She had two buns on both sides of her head. Whell, they weren't exactly buns, they looked more like rabbit ears, and the hair that wasn't in the two "ears" were sticking out to the sides of her head.

"What the..." Genki looked at the girls forhead and saw a creasent moon appear. "That wasn't there befor you guys."


In the sky the black shadow was floating above them, and watched them put a small girl on a blanket while she was out.

"I'll get you little rabbit, just as soon as I find your friend," and with that she disappeared.

Part 3

After Holly put the girl on a blanket to rest she stared at the creasent moon on her forhead. [Where did that come from?] Holly sat down, and continued to stare at her. [Why do I have such a wierd feeling about her?]

As she stared at her her chest started to feel warm right where the magic stone was. She took it out to see that it was glowing, and that the light got brighter every time she took a step closer to the girl.

"Hey you guys, look."

Everyone looked at Holly and stared in amazment at what they saw. As the magic stone's light got brighter so did the light comming from the creasent moon.

Now Holly was only about an inch from her face when.......... SMACK!! Rini slapped the magic stone right out of Holly's hand.

"Stop it Luna P I'm trying to sleep!"


At hearing her name Luna P flew out of the bushes she landed in, and headed toward Rini.

"Small Lady," It's electronic voice rang out, "Small Lady."


"Luna P?" Everyone asked in unison.

Suddenly something smacked Hare in the back of his head.

"Ow! What was that?"

Hare saw a large cat head float to the girl.

"Small Lady. Small Lady," it said.

"Go away Luna P," Rini yelled, and smacked her toy away, but instead it bounced off a tree and hit her nose.

"I guess that's Luna P." Holly stated.

Rini opened her eyes, and looked at Luna P. It was always more comforting to wake up and see her rather than waking up to Serena.

She suddenly realized that she was outside and looked in front of her to see the gang of seven. Even though she had already seen many energy sucking monsters she was still afraid. Especually when she saw Suezo and Golem.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" She screamed while backing up a couple of yards.

She held up luna P which exploded into a cloud of light purple smoke turning it into her sling shot. She fired it at Golem, but he didn't even feel it.

Holly saw a round ball fire from the sling shot and explode on Golems chest. [If she's never seen a Golem or a Suezo befor then she's probably not from around here.]


Lita's side was feeling much better so she decided to go and look for RIni. Lilly helped her pack a bag of her daughters old clothes, and some food to take with her. Lita didn't tell Lilly about everything that happened. She wanted to tell her all about how she got there, but Lilly wouldn't believe her.

Erlier she had met Matthew, and he told her how he found her. As it turned out Lita had fallen out of the sky, and he brought her into the house where Lilly took care of her.

They also explained all about their monster ranch, and how the mistery disks work. [Wow], she thought, [I wish that I could have my own monster. It would be so cool I could even train it to fight like me!]

And with that she waved goodbye to Matthew and Lilly, and headed down the dirt road to find her small friend Rini.


(20 min. later)

[I guess that I sould train some befor I go any further], thought a very angry Lita. She haddn't found one trace of the little rabbit, or her charm, Luna P. The only good thing about all this was that she haddn't sensed her large power explosion yet. That meant that she probably wasn't in any trouble. Anyway, Luna P would protect her.

"Jupiter Star Power!" She screamed, and became sailor Jupiter.


Captain Black Dino raised his head when he saw some lightning. He squinted his eyes and looked closer. [It must be Tiger of the searchers.]

"I have located the searchers!" He yelled to his troops, and they ran off to what they thought was the enemy.


Little did they know....

"Sparckling wide pressure!"

(Lita threw her attack at a nearby rock turning it into dust after it hit it.)

She sat down to catch her breath and took a sip from the water bottle she brought with her. She had done a lot of training in the past half hour; sharpening her martial arts skills, working on her attacks, and trying to make up a way to locate power levels. So far she didn't even find a flicker of Rini's even though she had a pretty high one considering what she can do when she's scared.


"Would you just calm down!" Genki yelled while trying to hold down a very frightened girl as she tried to run away, "we're not going to hurt you!"

"I know that's not true! You are all working for the Negaverse!"

"Negaverse?" Holly questioned, "What's the Negaverse?"

Rini stopped struggling agianst the hold that Genki had on her, and looked at Holly; [She doesn't look like she's evil. Hey, what's that light?]

"What's that?" Rini pointed to Holly's glowing chest.

Everyone looked as Holly took out the magic stone. [Why is the magic stone glowing? Does it have to do with this girl?]

"This is the magic stone, and it helps us find mystery disks."

"What are mystery disks?" (sweat drops from everyone)

"You don't know what a mystery disk is?!" Suezo said while getting in Rini's face. "What's with you did you come from another world like Genki here!?"

"Ahhh!" Rini ducked behind Holly in fear of the huge eyeball.

"Stop yelling Suezo you're scaring her!"

Holly put a hand on Rini's sholder and looked her in the eyes.

"We're not going to hurt you so will you please tell us where you're from so we can help you."

"Um.... Actually, I think that Suezo might be right, Ya see my friend and I were attacked by a monster, and then I ended up here."

"Attacked by a monster? Well there are plenty of monsters here so how could you come from another world?"

"No, I mean one of those scary monsters that want to take your energy, and use it for an evil purpose (Pauses for a moment to think)... Like taking over the universe."

Suddeny Rini's eye's widen.

[My friend and I..... Oh no Lita!]


"What is it!" Syezo yelled.

"My friend, Lita, was attacked too! I don't know where she is or if she's OK!"


"That was too easy," Lita said to herself while looking at the extremely large pile of black dinos' "All I did was zap 'em with my thunder and that was it."

(Close up on dino's faces as you see their eyes twitch from the shock)

"Hmph, Oh well."

(Lita walks away with her hands on hips, and still transformed)

"Maybe I can find a monster worth fighting."


Tiger looked at the others while they tried to figure out what to do with the girl. They had all introduced themselves and Rini told them her name, but something made Tiger keep an eye on her; He could feel some sort of power coming from her. It was pretty high, and it was like she was glowing.

[Huh? What was that?] Something caught Tigers eye.

"We have company!"

Tiger turned around ready to fight the enemy.

"Holly, you stay with Rini!"


"Holly, what are those?" Rini looked at the bunch of evil hares that began to attack the group.

"You know those badies I was telling you about?"


"Well these are it!"

Holly and Rini ran behind a nearby tree.


Genki just finished punching an evil hare when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

"Holly, Look out!"


Holly turned around to see three evil hares heading straight toward them.

(both Holly and Rini)



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Part 4

Holly didn't know how it happened. She could suddenly feel some sort of power, but she couldn't explain it. She knew that it wasn't the magic stone's because she was very familiar with it's power but.... No, this power was diferent. It was power within someone being built up, and waiting to be released. She could feel the fear within this power so close to her. But, who's was it?

Her eyes suddenly went wide when she realized that it was Rini's. Everyone had stopped what they were doing and just stared at her. Holly guessed that they could feel it too. Even the evil hare had stopped in mid kick, and shivered in fear at this huge power comming from such a little girl.

At this point her power was becoming so large that it began to form around her like an aura. She put her hands, palms out, toward the evil hare and stood there. For some reason he couldn't move, and the more he tried the more he seemed to be pressed down.

With her arms out she stood there, the power now flowing from her arms, and gathered it in her hands. Now, she had a round ball of golden energy floating at her fingertips. She put her arms above head and threw the ball.

The evil hare let out a scream of pain when the energy hit him. Rini just stood there and watched. She was getting quite good at controlling her power. Smetimes, when the others were at their meetings, she would run far away from them to practice, but she only used small amounts of her energy so that she wouldn't be detected.

As she watched the evil hare she was a little surprised at what happened. Normaly a yoma would turn to dust, and that was what she expected the evil hare to do, but something weird happened. It began to change it's shape, and when it was done it looked like a tree with no leaves. It's branches were wrapped around a large disk that looked like it was made out of stone, and had a fossil of a lizard around one side.

"What h-happened to the e-evil h-hare, H-holly?"

"You turned it into a lost disk," Rini couldn't tell, but it sounded as if she was a little sad.

Right off she new what a lost disk was. It was pretty easy to tell when she looked at it. Even the stone looked dead.


She opened up her silvery blue eyes, and tried to piece together the images that stuck out in her head.

Evil red eyes.

Black poison crystal.

Childish high pitched laughter.

She slowly got out of the bed she was sleeping in and walked out of the small room it was in.

Her vision was somewhat blured, and her head ached. Something was different about her, she could feel it. When she stood up her legs were wobly and her head spun. [I have to get out of here] But where was here? She couldn't recognize a thing. The walls were a redish purple, and made out of stone. She was in a building right? When she pased a window she turned back and looked outside.

[What the Hell?]

She couldn't see the ground. It was just clouds everywhere, and when one puffy white cloud passed them she saw something in her reflection. Her face and hair was the same; Large silvery blue eyes, brown hair in two braids tied up into buns in the back, but something was different. She was wearing two huge black diamond earings.

She touched one, and while she did she thought about how scared she was, and how she wanted to be around someone. Anyone. Then, suddenly she disapeared.


"So, you were able to bring Naomi onto our side."

"Yes it was quite easy too," a woman with long flowing pink hair replied.

She was floating in the room looking down at him with her large red eyes. Her voice was almost childish, but it fit her looks and personality perfectly. She clenched the clear black material around her sholders, and giggled a little.

She may not be as power as moo, not by a long shot, but even she knew that Rini and her knew friends had no chance agianst her... Yet.


Naomi was surrounded by the darkness agian, but this time there was a light not too far ahead. She got up, and tried to feel her way through the darkness. No luck. There weren't any walls.

[Where am I?]

Long ago she would have taken those damn earings out because they caused all this, but something in her head told her to keep them on. It was the same high pitched annoying vioce as befor.

When she reached the end of the darknes she saw a line of light. The light was made from the crack inbetween two doors. She tried to force them open, but they were made of heavy metle. Suddenly, they opened by themselves. She ducked down and got ready to bolt the hell out of there just in case.

When she looked in the room in front of her she went in. It was empty. Just like all the others. Was she ever going to find someone, anyone who could answer the thousands of questions that flooded her mind.

[Hold on a sec.]

There was someone in the room. She wanted to call out to the dark person with two huge horns, but she stopped herself just in time. What if he was a baddy? What if she was intruding on his ship? What if he would get mad at her? What if...

"So, Naomi, I see you have found your way here."

What if he found her?


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